December 5, 2021


G4 Cube Forever

iSwipe : a multi-protocol search and download tool for Mac OS X

iSwipe searches and downloads from the Web, and the FTP, Hotline, Napster, OpenNapster and Gnutella networks. It also searches the Carracho network. It includes a download manager, featuring retries and resumable downloads, and 4 slots each for FTP, HTTP/Gnutella, Hotline and Napster downloads. It also includes an AutoSearch feature, which keeps a list of those elusive files that you want and can never find online, and an automatic feature to add all tracks from an album of music.

There are some new features and bug fixes in version 1b13:

  • Hotline Quit bug fixed
  • Gnutella searching now works again
  • Various Bug fixes
  • Code Speed up
  • More feedback from OpenNap servers
  • Gnutella/HTTP downloading much improved
  • New “Pretend to Share” OpenNap option
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