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Apple Introduces iCloud and iTunes Match

    Apple today introduced iCloud, a set of free new cloud services that work seamlessly with applications on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, or PC to automatically and wirelessly store your content and push it to all your devices.

    iCloud services include new versions of Contact, Calendar, and Mail; iCloud Backup and Storage; Photo Stream; and iTunes in the Cloud.

    Last but not least,  iTunes play online pokie machines Match ($24.99 a year) will give you all of the benefits of iTunes in the Cloud for music you haven’t purchased from iTunes (iTunes Match scans your library and puts it in the cloud)

    iCloud will be available this fall, along with iOS 5. A free beta version of iTunes in the Cloud is available today in the U.S. and requires iTunes 10.3 and iOS 4.3.3


    GeigerMap 1.0 for iOS – Radiation Readings from 7,500 Cities Worldwide

      Power App today introduced GeigerMap 1.0 for iOS, their new Health & Fitness app that provides updated radiation readings from more than 7,500 official and private measuring stations worldwide. GeigerMap consists of a searchable, global Google Map that displays crowd-sourced Geiger counter readings. Each colored pushpin can be tapped to read the name of the town or city and its current radiation level. The map offers an instant visualization of radiation levels, with green pins symbolizing a reading of 180 CPM (Counts Per Minute) or less (normal), violet pins 180 - 600 CPM (high), and red pins 600 CPM or more (dangerous).

      With accidents at nuclear power facilities in the news, citizens of many countries have been concerned for their safety. Owning an inexpensive Geiger counter is not a practical solution, since these devices are too inaccurate to be useful. The CPM readings from a reliable Geiger counter measure a broad range of radiation including alpha, beta, gamma, and mixed particles. When measured over time, CPM readings are quite useful in determining abnormally high levels of radioactive decay. At present, there are no new violet pins displayed anywhere, except in a small radius fast bad credit payday loans surrounding the damaged nuclear power facility in Japan. And no red pins are displayed anywhere.

      The primary value of GeigerMap is to assure ordinary people that worldwide radiation levels are not dangerously high, even following accidents at electrical power plants that rely on fissionable, nuclear material for boiling water that will power turbine generators. Although radiation levels may be lethal on-site, locations more than 25 miles away generally remain unaffected. Because the app employs such a large sampling, it is easily possible to dismiss anomalous readings that may be reported in isolated locales.

      Feature Highlights:
      * Monitor global radiation levels on your iOS device
      * Geiger counter readings are updated several times each day
      * Obtain the exact numerical reading for towns and cities worldwide
      * Error minimization by comparing monitoring stations in the near vicinity
      * At 200 CPM the risk of cancer starts to increase
      * Direct links to many more free and paid apps from Power APP GmbH

      Device Requirements:
      * iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
      * iOS 3.2 or later (iOS 4.3 tested)
      * 3.8 MB

      Pricing and Availability:
      GeigerMap 1.0 is available for $4.99 (USD) worldwide through the App Store in the Healthcare & Fitness Category.


      Typhuun Announces Ping Scope 2.0, a Network and Server Monitoring Tool for the iPhone

        Typhuun, LLC today announced the release of Ping Scope 2.0, an iPhone/iPod touch app which provides an easy to use interface to monitor any IP network device and shows the status using color coded LEDs allowing network and server administrators single touch device status updates. In addition, the app's troubleshooting panel provides extensive configurable parameters to do advanced network troubleshooting to isolate issues in today's complex networks. These features in version 2.0 bring the app closer to its big brother on iPad called System Scope.

        The app uses ICMP protocol to provide monitoring and troubleshooting features and boasts a clean and intuitive user interface. It is available in a free lite version and a full-featured version.

        Highlighted Features:
        * Separate monitoring and troubleshooting panels
        * Email and print capability to share results quickly
        * Multiple forex trading made easy configurable parameters for identifying hard to find network problems
        * User host lists are backed up and restored as part of iTunes backups.

        The app works on both 3G and WIFI interfaces and has the ability to switch interfaces on the fly as connectivity changes. If a valid WIFI connection is available, it is given preference for all out going packets. The LED colors in system monitoring panel represent the system status with green representing available with low latency, yellow representing available with high latency and red representing system being unavailable.

        Device Requirements:
        * iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
        * Requires iOS 4.2 or later
        * 0.9 MB

        Pricing and Availability:
        Ping Scope 2.0 is $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category.


        Apps Promo – Check all the Promotions in the App Store inside one App

          AppGeneration Software just introduced Apps Promo 1.0.6 for iOS devices. Apps Promo is giving you full access to all app promotions within Apple iTunes. Apps Promo gives you the tools to:

          * Check all Promotions and Sales in the App Store for all countries and categories.
          * View all Apps reaching success on a worldwide level. Have consistent, up-to-date information about popular apps
          * Gain news on all apps recently made free proextender reviews and download them
          * Monitor you favorite app categories
          * Easy to share your favorite app picks with friends by sending a recommendation using SMS, Email or Facebook.
          * Make your own list of desired or favored apps

          Device Requirements:
          * iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
          * Requires iOS 4.0 or later
          * 2.0 MB

          Pricing and Availability:
          Apps Promo 1.0.6 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category.


          iVite Brings E-vite Functionality to the iPhone

            iVite, a new app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, brings E-vite functionality to the iPhone. iVite is the simple way to send invitations or reminders to your friends, family, and co-workers.

            Unlike other apps, iVite's delivery system allows the user to send events straight to their friend's device (rather than by email) and notify them by push notification. Once accepted, the event syncs to their calendar. Creating new events or sharing one or multiple events already in the calendar is quick and easy. Users Cialis Online also have the ability to choose from 4 different event and invitation types with more to be added with the next update.

            Device Requirements:

            * iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
            * Requires iOS 4.1 or later
            * 2.4 MB

            Pricing and Availability:
            iVite 1.1 is available in the App Store in an ad-supported Free version as well as a full-featured premium version for $1.99 (USD). Upgrading to the paid version from the free version is made available through an in-app purchase.

            iVite 1.1
            Download from iTunes