May 26, 2024


G4 Cube Forever

About Us

The Cube-Zone started in 2000 shortly after the G4 Cube was introduced by Steve Jobs. We created the site because we could not find any information about what probably was Apple’s best computer. The site expanded and quickly got little brothers : Apple-Zone, iPod-Zone and iPodFrance (now disappeared due to legal reasons).

The Cube-Zone appeared in several online or regular magazines. Here are some of them :

in an article called “War of the MacWorlds”

macuser.jpg in an article called When in Brussels…Steve Jobs still wears a turtleneck

in an article called Apple-Watchers Mull Reports of Low-Cost iPods. The article is about the iPod-Zone, now merged with the Cube-Zone.

also posted a longer version of the same article here.

svmmac.jpg published two articles (paper magazine) in which the Cube-Zone is quoted.

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