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ShareCal 2.0 Released – Calendar Sharing App Free for a Limited Time

    Daniel Amitay today announced the release and immediate availability of ShareCal 2.0, a major update to his calendar event sharing app for the iPhone and iPod touch. ShareCal makes sharing your calendar events with others as simple as bumping your phones together or sending an email. Just pick which events you would like to send, choose how you want to share the events, and you're done. Version 2.0 adds the ability to send multiple events at the same time.

    ShareCal works on all iOS 4+ devices and is the easiest integrated event-sharing app on the iTunes App Store. All VolumePills that is required is an internet connection (WiFi/Cellular).

    * Share events with coworkers, family, friends, anybody
    * ShareCal uses events from your real Calendar
    * ShareCal saves events into your real Calendar
    * ShareCal is extremely easy to use
    * Share events face to face
    * Share events from far away
    * Share multiple events at the same time

    Device Requirements:
    * Compatible with iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
    * Requires iOS 4.0 or later
    * 2.7 MB

    Pricing and Availability:
    ShareCal 2.0 is free for a limited time and available worldwide exclusively through the iTunes App Store in the Social Networking category. ShareCal will only work on iOS 4.0+ devices.


    CalPrint 1.1 for iPad utilizes iOS 4.2 to enable Calendar printing

      EuroSmartz today announced the release of CalPrint v1.1.CalPrint will enable iPad and iPhone owners to easily view different aspects of their calendar and appointments without having the problem of a cluttered screen. The month pop down ensures customers can navigate to a single day quickly and efficiently - without having to compromise screen space as is the case today. CalPrint also incorporates Microsoft Exchange (Outlook) and Google Calendar. By simply having an existing, or adding a new Exchange or Gmail account in the iPad or iPhone main Settings and enabling Calendar, CalPrint becomes a single point of access for multiple calendars and does away with the need for a series of apps.

      CalPrint as the name suggests offers customers the ability to print their calendar directly from their iPad or iPhone. The app has a variety of views and lists that can all be printed by just tapping the dedicated print button. CalPrint is able to print directly to most WiFi printers without the need for any installed software. However customers with Bluetooth & USB printers are not forgotten, they can still use their printers via the free print server software that is loaded onto their computer. This will also give iPad and iPhone owners the ability to print remotely over 3G without being near their office or printer.

      Pricing and Availability:

      Both CalPrint for iPad and CalPrint for iPhone are available now on the Apple iTunes Application Store worldwide. CalPrint for iPad costs USD $6.99, GBP 3.99 or Euro 4.49.

      CalPrint 1.1
      Purchase and Download