September 27, 2022


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HotApp RC6: function keys and shortkeys utility for Mac OS X

HotApp is an OS X-native utility, developped by TrufSoft, which allows you to use fuction keys or shortkeys to launch applications, files or access system preferences. The current version is HotApp RC6. It introduces a major change compared to previous release of HotApp : HotApp is now a daemon and the configuration is done by using the System Preferences application. HotApp do not install anymore an icon in the menu bar. This releaseis still a beta. Its expiration date is set to December 22th 2001.

HotApp RC6 has a new user interface. You now simply need to click on the “Set key” button to define the key combination for a particular application. This key combination can include function keys (F1, F2, up to F15). We particularly love the idea of having customized function keys.

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