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1984 Mac cover for iPad

    If you want your iPad to look like the original iMac, ThinkGeek is selling the Padintosh.

    For $24.99, your iPad 2 or 3 will have a protection case that will remind you why 1984 was not like 1984!
    Check ThinkGeek for more information


    WaterField Designs Introduces New Smart Case for MacBook Air

      WaterField Designs today introduced the all-new MacBook Air Smart Case. The robustly protective and impeccably stylish new Smart Case is available in custom sizes for both the 11- and 13-inch MacBook Air models.

      * Two sizes: Custom fitted to 11.6" or 13" MacBook Air
      * Light and protective
      * Water-resistant, nylon exterior
      * Lightly padded interior
      * Flanked by eco-friendly, distressed brown leather
      * High-impact, rigid Viagra plastic inserts for additional protection
      * Stretch back pocket to hold power adapter and cables
      * Six color choices

      With this new addition, WaterField now offers three MacBook Air sleeve options - the new Smart Case, the SleeveCase, and the Suede Jacket Sleeve.

      Pricing :MacBook Air Smart Case: 11-inch: $79. 13-inch: $89. Colors are available in Black, Copper, Flame, Green, Pearl or Pine.


      ZooGue Introduces Genius Black Leather iPad 2 Case

        ZooGue today announced the iPad 2 Case, Genius Black Leather. The case is available for immediate purchase.

        The Case Genius offers the added benefit of including the sleep/wake feature designed specifically for the iPad 2, an option that many of its competitors do not provide. With the addition of cameras added to the new tablet computer, the ZooGue iPad 2 Case Genius gives full VolumePills access to the cameras while the tablet remains securely placed within the case. With the thinner dimensions and the added upgrades, slight adjustments have been made to the ZooGue iPad 2 Case Genius; however it still offers the same versatility as its predecessor.

        Pricing and Availability:
        The iPad 2 Case Genius Black Leather is $49.99 (USD) and is available from the ZooGue online store.


        Nelson Technologies introduces the iPhone 4 Battery Case

          Nelson Technologies, LLC announced the introduction of the Fusion battery case for the iPhone. The Fusion Case is the thinnest, lightest, and longest running iPhone 4 rechargeable battery case of its kind.

          The rechargeable iPhone 4 battery case also protects your iPhone from ordinary wear and tear with a low profile design that allows you to keep the original look and feel of your iPhone 4. According to Nelson Technologies, the battery will give you up to 42 extra hours of audio, 11 extra hours of video play back and over 2 more days of total runtime alteril all natural.

          The Fusion Case adds less than of an inch in total width or depth to your iPhone 4 and weighs less than 2.4 ounces. You can access all your iPhone 4 functions while it is in the battery case. For further ease of use, you can charge Fusion and your iPhone simultaneously through the included micro USB cable. You can also sync your iPhone to iTunes while it is in the case with the included cable. Four LEDs on the back of the case let you know on how much power is left in the battery.


          Review of the iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case

          The Good

          Easy to install.Long battery life.Turns the iPad into a laptop.

          The Bad

          Can't really find anything....

          Full Review

            The iPad bluetooth keyboard case is a leather case for the iPad with an integrated bluetooth keyboard. The case turns your iPad into a mini laptop and can also be used as a stand.The keyboard is a bluetooth model that easily pairs with the iPad. It is a "chicklet" model (with rubber keys) The keyboard feels a bit different than Apple keyboards, but we definitely liked typing on it.The keyboard has specific function keys calling iOS functions such as search, home button, ipod fast forward, sound, display the software keyboard or hide it, etc.

            For people who dislike typing on the iPad screen, this keyboard is very good news. The keyboard does not have any physical connection to the iPad. You will have to pair the two. It is a simple as clicking on the screen of the iPad (in the bluetooth preferences) and typing a code on the keyboard. In a month we only lost the connection twice. Once, the keyboard reconnected on its own. The second time we had to pair it again with the iPad. A little blue light tells you if the keyboard is connected to the iPad.

            The keyboard has a small connector that is used to connect a usb cable. The USB cable can be plugged into the iPad charger, which allows you to charge both.
            The keyboard can be used several days before running out of battery. Since it has a separate battery, it does not drain the iPad's one.
            Two lights Ativan are positionned on the right hand side of the keyboard

            We tested the iPad bluetooth keyboard case for a month. the combination of the iPad long battery and the keyboard will allow you to work for a full day turning your iPad into a tiny laptop. We tried the keyboard during a day long meeting. When other participants were running out of battery and had to plug in their laptop, we still had 40% of battery on the iPad and the keyboard did not show any sign of battery problem. The keyboard case, with the addition of Apple's Pages turns your ipad into a lightweight productivity tool.

            Bottom line
            The iPad leather bluetooth keyboard case is one of the best investments if you own an ipad. It will protect you iPad thanks to a nice leather case, but will also turn it into a laptop that will be lighter and will have a longer battery life than most of the traditional Mac or PC notebooks. The iPad/keyboard case combination will also be much cheaper that a MacBook (Air or Pro).

            We definitely recommend buying the iPad leather keyboard case.

            It is available from Brookstone in the US for $99.95 or directly from TYH Technology Co Ltd (in Hong Kong) if you buy in bulk.

            Rating (out of 10)

            Ease of Use

            The keyboard works right out of the box...Can't be easier!


            Your iPad will have a prefect protection with the leather case.


            The case/keyboard adds a bit of weight to your iPad, but it is still lighter than a 11,4" MacBook Air.