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December 15, 2008


Review of the iPhone 3G mobile phone telescope

The Good

Allows to take pictures from a distance

The Bad

External solution (Apple should at least add a software zoom to the next iPhone)

Non professional quality pictures

Full Review

    Many iPhone 3G owners are complaining about its camera. They complain that it doesn't have a zoom, and that it doesn't allow them to record video. We tested the Brando “telescope” for iPhone 3G that aims to solvthe first problem.

    The telescope is composed of a plastic case for the iPhone 3G and a lens that acts as a zoom. The lens is attached to the case (it is removable) and allows you to zoom.

    btele3.jpg btele5.jpgbtele6.jpg

    As you can see in the pictures below, it seems to work pretty well. However, don’t expect to take professional pictures with this zoom. It is more of a gadget than anything else. You might notice that the picture appears to be a bit conveif the lens is not screwed into the case properly.


    Bottom line :  Any geek looking for a gadget that will allow him or her to have a zoom on the iPhone 3G will probably be happy with the Brando telescope. However, do not expect professional-quality photographs from either the iPhone 3G camera or the $19 telescopic lens. For more information, check Brando's web site.


    Rating (out of 10)

    Ease of Use

    Easy to use : put you iPhone in the plastic case and attach the lens.


    quality of image

    Not so professional (it's also the iPhone's fault...)


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    2 Comments Post a comment
    1. Dec 15 2008

      My motto is that ‘limitations breed creativity’

      This is definitely creative

    2. D9
      Dec 16 2008

      It looks like the equivalent to having a drool bucket attached to your head. I’d just as soon lug around a small digital camera.

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