May 25, 2022


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My iPhone 3G Sucks

I loved my iPhone when its OS was still 1.0. I just got a new iPhone 3G with a 2.0x OS. And I have to say that things have not been that great. Don’t make me say that I don’t love the revolutionnary aspects of the iPhone. That phone is amazing. And no, I do not have 3G reception problems. I don’t have any battery problems either (I charge the phone every night, as I did with the first version of the iPhone and with my Blackberry).

The real problem is the iPhone OS 2.0. It is still a beta version. Would you imagine having Mac OS X crashing from time to time, or worse, preventing any apps you installed from launching, erasing all your music or videos, working again randomly, and then finally not working at all. I tried everything :

  • deleting all the apps and reinstalling them
  • syncing with a different mac
  • using iTunes 7
  • doing full restores

It works for a while, but the iPhone always ends up reminding me that he has a beta version and that he cannot be as perfect I wish he were. That is quite unbelievable considering that product is supposed to be high end. Never heard  about quality checks Steve?

Who would reinstall their OS every two weeks on their Macs without considering it a major flaw? iPhone OS 1 did not allow you to install anything, but it was working pretty well and was fast. iPhone OS 2.02 can be sluggish and buggy. Crashes are not uncommon. They sometimes automatically restart you iPhone.

Please Steve, fix it quickly!

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