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Edovia releases Rocket Taxi 2.0 for iPhone and iPod touch

    Edovia today announced that Rocket Taxi has shipped and is now available on the App Store. Rocket Taxi, uses the device's Location Services to find nearby taxi companies. The new 2.0 versions has several improvements such as faster results and better overall performance.

    Search has been extended to taxi companies and the biggest new feature is the new map system that is powered by Apple's MapKit. This new map is far more precise than on the older version and lets the user interact with it. Moreover, i addition to the estimated fare, Rocket Taxi 2.0 now shows you the best route between your starting and destination points.

    Minimum Requirements:

    iPhone or iPod touch 3.0 or later

    Pricing and Availabilty:
    Rocket Taxi 2.0 is available on the App Store now for $1.99 (USD). This is a free update to all current users.

    Rocket Taxi 2.0
    Download and Purchase


    iSamurai: Two-Player Sword Fight released for iPhone and iPod Touch

      Toy Kite Software just introduced iSamurai: Two-Player Sword Fight, their new Wi-Fi sword fighting game for iPhone and iPod Touch. Developed specifically to take advantage of the iPhone's accelerometers and networking capabilities, iSamurai is an interactive sword-fighting game, where the two players slash, thrust, and block each other with their iPhones.

      Depending on the physical movements of the two players, slashes and thrusts are interpreted by both devices and immediately registered as successful or blocked. When a player swings and his/her opponent blocks by holding up another iPhone, the ring of steel on steel is heard from both devices. An unsuccessful block results in the defender's iPhone emitting one of a number of cries to indicate a hit. Toy Kite has posted videos on its web site (as well as on YouTube) demonstrating the game in action. A training "Dojo" is offered so players can practice the different iSamurai moves.

      Advanced analysis allows the iPhone to distinguish between four different attacks. Each attack can be countered by the opponent using the correct block. The two devices communicate their actions and countering actions to each other over Wi-Fi in real time and use realistic sounds to indicate whether an attack was successful or blocked. After the battle, both devices report the scores with appropriate images for the winner and loser.

      iSamurai includes a single-player mode with four levels of difficulty. Four unique characters: peasant, apprentice, warrior and samurai, yell out different attacks, and the player must quickly defend against them and launch offensive attacks by swinging the iPhone. To get players started, iSamurai has a tutorial featuring animations of the different attacks. The game also includes quotes from The Art of War by Sun Tzu and from The Book of Five Rings by samurai Miyamoto Musashi.

      iSamurai: Two-Player Sword Fight includes the following features:

      * Two-player interactive Wi-Fi game using two iPhones or iPod Touches
      * Single-player game with four levels of difficulty
      * Tutorial featuring animations of the different attacks
      * Training "Dojo" where the player can practice the different iSamurai moves
      * Art of War quotes from legendary warriors

      System Requirements:
      * iPhone or iPod Touch 2.2.1 or later

      Pricing and Availability:
      iSamurai: Two-Player Sword Fight for iPhone is $2.99 (USD) and is available through Apple's iTunes Store. For a limited time, iSamurai will be on sale for $.99 (USD).


      Review of the iPhone 3G mobile phone telescope

      The Good

      Allows to take pictures from a distance

      The Bad

      External solution (Apple should at least add a software zoom to the next iPhone)

      Non professional quality pictures

      Full Review

        Many iPhone 3G owners are complaining about its camera. They complain that it doesn't have a zoom, and that it doesn't allow them to record video. We tested the Brando “telescope” for iPhone 3G that aims to solvthe first problem.

        The telescope is composed of a plastic case for the iPhone 3G and a lens that acts as a zoom. The lens is attached to the case (it is removable) and allows you to zoom.

        btele3.jpg btele5.jpgbtele6.jpg

        As you can see in the pictures below, it seems to work pretty well. However, don’t expect to take professional pictures with this zoom. It is more of a gadget than anything else. You might notice that the picture appears to be a bit conveif the lens is not screwed into the case properly.


        Bottom line :  Any geek looking for a gadget that will allow him or her to have a zoom on the iPhone 3G will probably be happy with the Brando telescope. However, do not expect professional-quality photographs from either the iPhone 3G camera or the $19 telescopic lens. For more information, check Brando's web site.


        Rating (out of 10)

        Ease of Use

        Easy to use : put you iPhone in the plastic case and attach the lens.


        quality of image

        Not so professional (it's also the iPhone's fault...)



        Review of Brando iPhone external battery

        The Good

        Charges in 2 hours.

        Gives an extra charge to your iPhone without the need of a power plug.

        The Bad

        Still looking

        Full Review

        If you own an iPhone 3G, you might be looking for an external battery. After all, you can never have too much battery (or too much RAM, but that’s another story…). We recently tested the Brando external battery for iPhone. The external battery is charged through the iPhone power plug. The external battery connects to the iPhone 3G through the iPhone bottom connector. It takes two hours to charge completely, and a blue light indicates whether or not the battery is fully charged.


        The battery charges the iPhone in just under 2 hours. You will still have some juice left in the external battery after one charge (but not enough for another full one).

        The battery is available in two colors (black or white) in order to match your iPhone 3G, of courseWe think it is a must have, and the price is very reasonable.


        The only drawback we found is that the connector where you plug the charger cable in is upside down comparewith that of the iPhone. This is not a huge problem, and you will only get it wrong the first time if youaren't paying attention.

        Bottom line : At $25, the Brando external battery is a must-have accessory for your iPhone 3G if you use it a lot. The investment is worth it, and you won’t run out of battery while you're on the move. For more information, check Brando's web site.

        Rating (out of 10)

        Ease of Use

        Just plug it and charge it. Can't be easier



        Matching the color of your iPhone 3G.