December 8, 2023


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Review of the iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case

The iPad bluetooth keyboard case is a leather case for the iPad with an integrated bluetooth keyboard. The case turns your iPad into a mini laptop and can also be used as a stand.The keyboard is a bluetooth model that easily pairs with the iPad. It is a “chicklet” model (with rubber keys) The keyboard feels a bit different than Apple keyboards, but we definitely liked typing on it.The keyboard has specific function keys calling iOS functions such as search, home button, ipod fast forward, sound, display the software keyboard or hide it, etc.

For people who dislike typing on the iPad screen, this keyboard is very good news. The keyboard does not have any physical connection to the iPad. You will have to pair the two. It is a simple as clicking on the screen of the iPad (in the bluetooth preferences) and typing a code on the keyboard. In a month we only lost the connection twice. Once, the keyboard reconnected on its own. The second time we had to pair it again with the iPad. A little blue light tells you if the keyboard is connected to the iPad.

The keyboard has a small connector that is used to connect a usb cable. The USB cable can be plugged into the iPad charger, which allows you to charge both.
The keyboard can be used several days before running out of battery. Since it has a separate battery, it does not drain the iPad’s one.
Two lights Ativan are positionned on the right hand side of the keyboard

We tested the iPad bluetooth keyboard case for a month. the combination of the iPad long battery and the keyboard will allow you to work for a full day turning your iPad into a tiny laptop. We tried the keyboard during a day long meeting. When other participants were running out of battery and had to plug in their laptop, we still had 40% of battery on the iPad and the keyboard did not show any sign of battery problem. The keyboard case, with the addition of Apple’s Pages turns your ipad into a lightweight productivity tool.

Bottom line
The iPad leather bluetooth keyboard case is one of the best investments if you own an ipad. It will protect you iPad thanks to a nice leather case, but will also turn it into a laptop that will be lighter and will have a longer battery life than most of the traditional Mac or PC notebooks. The iPad/keyboard case combination will also be much cheaper that a MacBook (Air or Pro).

We definitely recommend buying the iPad leather keyboard case.

It is available from Brookstone in the US for $99.95 or directly from TYH Technology Co Ltd (in Hong Kong) if you buy in bulk.

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