December 5, 2021


G4 Cube Forever


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CAZE announces their ThinEdge clear trim case for iPhone 4. Constructed of lightweight, hard-shell plastic, ThinEdge trim case offers sleek and stylish protection for the iPhone 4 and comes with an wallet size stand for easy viewing of your wide screen. Designed as the ultimate balance between case-minimalism and protection, the ThineEdge wraps the edges & corners to cushion and protect & keeps the front and back of the iPhone 4 from coming into direct contact with flat surfaces when laid down.
California-based Vicinno Soft, LLC announces V12c Financial Calculator 1.0 for the iPhone OS, a powerful emulator for the well known HP 12c Financial Calculator. Identical in every aspect, the app provides a perfect emulation of the layout, functions, algorithms, capabilities, and key sequences of the original. Ideal for courses in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Math, Real Estate, and Statistics, it is an ideal financial calculator for the iPhone and iPod touch.
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Nuclear Nova today announced updates to GL Golf, GL Golf Deluxe, and GL Golf Lite, bringing all versions up to 1.09. With the addition of a driving range, 12 new courses, four new clubs, over a 50% performance increase, and 32 additional improvements, Nuclear Nova continues to prove its dedication to the GL Golf franchise. In celebration, Nuclear Nova has dropped the price for the next week. GL Golf offers a realistic physics system and smooth, fluid graphics for compelling game-play.
2 min read
California based Toy Kite Software today released iSamurai Bluetooth, the new version of their action/simulation sword fighting game for iPhone and iPod Touch. iSamurai is the first Wii-like game for the iPhone, and now using Apple's recently released 3.0 software, it is one of the first multiplayer games that can be played anywhere over Bluetooth. In iSamurai, players attack and defend with their iPhones, slashing and blocking their way to victory against their friends.
2 min read
California based Core Concepts today is proud to announce Rich Diamond 1.3 an update to their popular puzzle/strategy game for iPhone and iPod Touch. Developed specifically to take advantage of the iPhone's unique abilities and interface, Rich Diamond features 335 levels, each ranked from easy to challenging. The goal of each puzzle is to collect all of the gems, then reach the exit. Each puzzle has a number of traps that provide the solving challenge.
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