October 24, 2021


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Vicomsoft looking for beta testers for its Internet Gateway for OSX

In preparation for the release of MacOS X compatible Internet Gateway, Vicomsoft are inviting interested parties to register as Beta Testers. Internet Gateway is a powerful security and connection management tool suited to any size of business network. Internet Gateway connects all networked computers securely to the Internet through one account, using any connection type from a modem to high-speed ADSL. The features of the Internet Gateway are the following :

  • It can support unlimited users and is available for Mac and Windows.
  • It protects your Mac : a firewall stops unwanted access from the Internet
  • It allows you to share one Internet account across your entire network Ê
  • It helps you to set access and time controls and monitor network activity
  • It can be updated and upgraded as your company grows
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