August 9, 2022


G4 Cube Forever

Application and process killer for OSX : Quitling released

A new application and process killer dockling has been released : Quitling. With Quitling, you can terminate any application or background process from the comfort of your Dock, with or without its consent. Designed as a Dockling, Quitling sits in the Dock at all times and keeps a list of open applications. Select an application from the menu and it dies a quick death, regardless of whether it’s launching, running normally or frozen. Want to keep programs from even starting? Quitling’s AutoKill feature will keep Classic and those pesky alternate web browsers at bay. Running mail programs that you always want open? Server software that must be online at all times? The AutoStart function takes care of that, allowing you to restart any applications or processes when they quit or crash. Quitling will be number one on the list of programs that you shouldn’t need, but find invaluable anyway.

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