March 28, 2023


G4 Cube Forever

One More Thing : Will Steve Jobs announce a MacBook Dock?

Remember the PowerBook Duo? It was the smallest and most innovative notebook of its time. And it had a motorized dock. You left the dock at home or at the office, connected to a screen and when you came back, you just put the PowerBook in the dock. It swallowed it like a video tape. What if Apple created an updated dock for its new laptop that will be announced tomorrow?

Could that be the “brick”? Without the MacBook, the dock would be as usefull as a brick. With the MacBook, you would have laptop-desktop hybrid. As 9to5Mac mentions, all the ports of the new MacBooks and MacBooks Pro are on the left. The drives are on the right, allowing the new laptops to be inserted in an iMac-like dock (Apple patented such a solution a while ago).


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