December 5, 2021


G4 Cube Forever

Exclusive discount on Sonnet 800 and 1.2 Ghz upgrade cards with a Cube kit.

OWC is offering the Cube-Zone readers a big and exclusive discount on Sonnet cards.When the Cube-Zone readers purchase either the 1.2GHz ($735.99 before discount) or 800MHz ($369.95 before discount) Sonnet Encore/ST Upgrade and the STISGCKIT Cube Installation kit that is needed to install these into the Cube, OWC will give them a $20 discount. In order to obtain the discount, both items must be on the order and the coupon code “CUBEZONEST” should be entered at checkout (for online orders only). you will also get a FREE Sonnet Picolo USB Pen Drive with this purchase from now until 3/31/2003!

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