July 14, 2024


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The Stone of Destiny : new hidden-object game for iPhone and iPod Touch

Voodoo Dimention team just introduced The Stone of Destiny for iPhone and iPod Touch. Those who are already familiar with The Stone of Destiny, a very popular hidden-object game, will be delighted to discover that it is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch.  Those who are not now have a perfect chance to fill this gap and try this fascinating game, the first hidden-object game for iPhoneOS.
The Stone of Destiny is an exciting game with the detective plot. Your uncle mysteriously disappears, and you are to solve this riddle with the help of a map, a book and a list of objects. You travel to the most remote corners of the world to find artifacts that will give you a clue, and write down magical runes. There are 27 levels of adventures, during which you wander the depths of forest, sneak into the tomb, explore the bottom of the sea and ancient pyramids, and many, many more. Puzzling minigames involve drawing runes and moving sarcophagus’s. Step by step you become closer to the moment when you reveal the truth about your uncle and solve the riddle of the stone of destiny. Sometimes it gets really hard to move any farther, then you may use the hint. The number of hints is not limited, but some time should pass before the next one is available.

What makes this game special is its interactive graphics. The mix of comic book style (in the narrative part) and mysterious sceneries makes the atmosphere of adventure film even more vivid. The Stone of Destiny for iPhone and iPod Touch has the feature of zooming the picture, so you can see any object in detail. The interface allows most effective usage of the portable device screen ever.

The game is already available in Apple AppStore.

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