April 12, 2024


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10.3 Panther & the IBM 970 Macintosh

By Taylor Barcroft

Panther 10.3 will include:

  • 64-bit 970 ready with 32-bit Jaguar Application Compatibility
  • Video Conference Capable iChat
  • Safari 1.0 Release Metal Interface Speed Enhancements
  • Much More

The 970 single and dual processor motherboards are done and about to begin being manufactured in May (bid deadline is this Friday). IBM ships finished 970 samples by May-June and in quantity in the second half of 2003 from their new $3 Billion spotless, staggeringly complex state-of-the-art 300-millimeter semiconductor plant in East Fishkill NY. 10.3 Panther is the 64-bit OS X needed to run it. Steve is not giving a keynote at MWNY, the most lame duck MacWorld in the entire 19 years of semiannual MacWorld Expos. Seybold Seminars Expo San Francisco September 8-12 is attended by Apple’s number one professional target market and is traditionally a venue for major new Apple introductions. You will recall that’s where the free 10.1 upgrade was released. Steve Jobs has been scheduled to deliver the Keynote at Apple Expo Paris September 16-20 since last Fall. Remember that MacWorld Expo San Francisco January 2004 is Mac’s Twentieth Birthday Party. You think Apple is going to miss the biggest selling quarter of the year to unleash the world’s first 64-bit personal computers on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the Macintosh Revolution? No, Steve will be taking the Moscone stage to announce that Q4 2003 was the biggest sales quarter in the history of the company. The second revolution will be fully engaged. Now that’s a party I’m looking forward to helping make possible. We don’t really need an engraved invitation to connect the dots. The complete preview will be held at the WWDC Keynote in late June in San Francisco.

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