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November 17, 2010

Talking Gremlin Hits The AppStore – Animals Run Scared

    FIPLAB Ltd has launched their brand new interactive entertainment app, Talking Gremlin, which can now be downloaded for free for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It is set to go head-to-head with Outfit 7's Talking Friends collection, most notably, Talking Tom Cat. By making use of the microphone and touch screen on their iDevices, users can interact with the Talking Gremlin by not only making him repeat words in his amazing little voice, but also through various touch gestures that will cause him to laugh, cry, growl and much more.

    What Fip can do:
    * Repeat what you say, but in his awesome voice
    * Laugh when you rub and tickle him
    * Wave at you
    * Taunt you with his muscular strength
    * Take any physical abuse you throw at him - but be easy, he is a tough little guy and WILL fight back
    * Fall asleep right before your face if you ignore him
    * Cry when he gets hurt
    * Be forced to do something you may not like if you annoy him too much
    Notes and Requirements:
    iPod touch owners may have to put in earphones that have a microphone attached, otherwise the Gremlin won't be able to hear what you say. Animation smoothness will depend on the age of your device. 1st Gen device owners will get lower framerate.

    Talking Gremlin 1.0
    Download From iTunes

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