February 26, 2024


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What to expect from today’s Special Event: Rumors roundup and predictions

During the last few days the Special Event made the headlines of most Mac Web Sites. We heard a lot of rumors about new products announcements. What can be expected and what is never going to happen?

  • New iPod Nano : 100% chance. The accessories suppliers already released cases for the new nano. Its shape will be longer than the current nano and it will have a bigger screen. Available in 8 and 16 Gig and 9 colors
  • iTunes 8 : 95% chance. Apple Insider just reported that one of its readers saw a download link for iTunes 8 on Apple Web Site (it appeared shortly before it was removed).
  • New iPhone OS 2.1 : 95% chance. The new OS is probably going to be released today. It will have bug fixes, notifications (for iChat like software), better GPS functionalities…and copy & paste functionality.
  • New iPod Touch : 90% chance. With GPS and higher RAM capacity. It might replace the iPod Classic for good.
  • “One more thing” : 45% chance. The “one more thing” would be a little tablet. No evidence of that product has been discovered in the past few days.
  • New MacBook and MacBook Pro : 10% chance . You might have to wait a couple of days for those new toys.
  • Upgraded Mac Mini : 10% chance. Same here. Coming soon, but not yet.

Let’s see in a couple of hours if our predictions were right!

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