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Core Concepts releases Rich Diamond 1.3 for iPhone and iPod Touch

    Core Concepts Inc. today announced Rich Diamond 1.3 an update to their puzzle/strategy game for iPhone and iPod Touch. Rich Diamond features 335 levels, each ranked from easy to challenging.

    In Rich Diamond, each puzzle is stand-alone and can be solved in any order. Players use their wits and cunning to maneuver around various perils to reach their goal, and have as much time as needed to plan their strategy and make a move. The primary goal of each puzzle is to collect all of the gems, then reach the exit. Each puzzle has a number of traps that provide the solving challenge.

    The game offers two display modes: perspective and top-down. The player can instantly switch between the two modes, even while in the middle of playing a level. The puzzles are not timed, and the creatures in the game move only when the player moves. This allows the player to ponder actions rather than forcing them to move without thinking. If a mistake is made while solving the puzzle, the Undo button can be used to erase one or more moves. This eliminates the frustration of having to start over on a puzzle because of a simple mistake.

    Feature Highlights:
    * Each Puzzle is stand-alone; solve in any order
    * Puzzles are not timed
    * Undo without having to restart a Puzzle
    * Two display modes; perspective and top-down
    * Compelling UI and Graphics

    System Requirements:

    * iPhone or iPod Touch 2.0 or later

    Pricing and Availability:
    Rich Diamond 1.3 for iPhone normally sells for $2.99 (USD) and available exclusively through Apple's App Store. Core Concepts is offering a limited-time sale at $0.99. There is also a free, Lite version available which offers 35 levels.


    Edovia releases Rocket Taxi 2.0 for iPhone and iPod touch

      Edovia today announced that Rocket Taxi has shipped and is now available on the App Store. Rocket Taxi, uses the device's Location Services to find nearby taxi companies. The new 2.0 versions has several improvements such as faster results and better overall performance.

      Search has been extended to taxi companies and the biggest new feature is the new map system that is powered by Apple's MapKit. This new map is far more precise than on the older version and lets the user interact with it. Moreover, i addition to the estimated fare, Rocket Taxi 2.0 now shows you the best route between your starting and destination points.

      Minimum Requirements:

      iPhone or iPod touch 3.0 or later

      Pricing and Availabilty:
      Rocket Taxi 2.0 is available on the App Store now for $1.99 (USD). This is a free update to all current users.

      Rocket Taxi 2.0
      Download and Purchase


      Muli Mobile Ltd releases FlowerPedia 1.0 – Flower Identification Engine

        Muli Mobile Ltd today announced the release of their flower identification engine and encyclopedia, FlowerPedia 1.0. FlowerPedia presents 1500 flower photos, organised by flower family and photo rating. View a slideshow of flowers like roses, lilies, orchids, hibiscus, tulips, daisies and many more.

        Users are given the option to rate each photo according to their own taste. In FlowerPedia's gallery view users can chose to browse everything, or just their Top Rated photos.

        Select a flower picture to see the flower names - common and scientific; its identifying features, and what family and genus it belongs to. Gardening tips and medicinal properties are coming soon. FlowerPedia contains information covering over 100,000 flowering plant species, including wildflowers, belonging to 500 genera in over 100 families.

        You can use FlowerPedia's flower identification wizard to identify flowers based on their physical characteristics. The search covers 70-100% of any North American region's flowering plant species, and up to 90% in Europe, Asia and Australia.

        FlowerPedia does not require a network connection, so it can be used anywhere. It is designed for maximum availability even in low-signal areas, such as when hiking, bushwalking and trekking. All flower pictures are included in the application.

        Minimum Requirements:
        iPhone or iPod touch 2.2 or later

        Pricing and Availability:
        FlowerPedia 1.0 is available now on the iTunes App Store for a special launch price of $4.99 (USD).

        Muli Mobile


        iSamurai: Two-Player Sword Fight released for iPhone and iPod Touch

          Toy Kite Software just introduced iSamurai: Two-Player Sword Fight, their new Wi-Fi sword fighting game for iPhone and iPod Touch. Developed specifically to take advantage of the iPhone's accelerometers and networking capabilities, iSamurai is an interactive sword-fighting game, where the two players slash, thrust, and block each other with their iPhones.

          Depending on the physical movements of the two players, slashes and thrusts are interpreted by both devices and immediately registered as successful or blocked. When a player swings and his/her opponent blocks by holding up another iPhone, the ring of steel on steel is heard from both devices. An unsuccessful block results in the defender's iPhone emitting one of a number of cries to indicate a hit. Toy Kite has posted videos on its web site (as well as on YouTube) demonstrating the game in action. A training "Dojo" is offered so players can practice the different iSamurai moves.

          Advanced analysis allows the iPhone to distinguish between four different attacks. Each attack can be countered by the opponent using the correct block. The two devices communicate their actions and countering actions to each other over Wi-Fi in real time and use realistic sounds to indicate whether an attack was successful or blocked. After the battle, both devices report the scores with appropriate images for the winner and loser.

          iSamurai includes a single-player mode with four levels of difficulty. Four unique characters: peasant, apprentice, warrior and samurai, yell out different attacks, and the player must quickly defend against them and launch offensive attacks by swinging the iPhone. To get players started, iSamurai has a tutorial featuring animations of the different attacks. The game also includes quotes from The Art of War by Sun Tzu and from The Book of Five Rings by samurai Miyamoto Musashi.

          iSamurai: Two-Player Sword Fight includes the following features:

          * Two-player interactive Wi-Fi game using two iPhones or iPod Touches
          * Single-player game with four levels of difficulty
          * Tutorial featuring animations of the different attacks
          * Training "Dojo" where the player can practice the different iSamurai moves
          * Art of War quotes from legendary warriors

          System Requirements:
          * iPhone or iPod Touch 2.2.1 or later

          Pricing and Availability:
          iSamurai: Two-Player Sword Fight for iPhone is $2.99 (USD) and is available through Apple's iTunes Store. For a limited time, iSamurai will be on sale for $.99 (USD).


          Frog Army introduces YoFrog 1.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch

            Frog Army today introduced YoFrog 1.0, their group chat solution for iPhone and iPod Touch. Designed specifically to take advantage of the iPhone's unique abilities and interface, YoFrog is a private group chat client which allows you to create rooms, invite friends and talk in privacy.

            YoFrog works on all iPhones and iPod touch devices. Chat members can invite as many friends as they wish; make a room for the entire school or just a buddy. Virtually unlimited rooms, messages and friends can be set up, with no per-message fees or limits.

            Feature Highlights:
            * Easy to use
            * Unlimited messages, rooms and friends
            * Rooms are invite only
            * Works on all iPhones and iPod touches with iPhone OS 2.0 or later
            * Messages are archived for later perusal
            * Quickly switch between rooms
            * Choose own message color

            System Requirements:
            * iPhone or iPod Touch 2.0 or later

            Pricing and Availability:
            YoFrog 1.0 for iPhone is only $0.99 (USD) and available exclusively through Apple's App Store.

            Frog Army
            YoFrog 1.0
            Download and Purchase