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November 10, 2010

Digital Heaven releases DH_Counter 2.0 and more Free Plug-ins

    Digital Heaven, one of the leading third party developers for Apple Pro Apps, today  announced the release of DH_Counter 2.0, a major upgrade to the on-screen counter plug-in for Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro.

    DH_Counter is ideal for creating a countdown timer to the start of an event or for coverage of sporting events such as races and against the clock challenges. DH_Counter 2.0 has been completely rewritten to provide many more features and flexibility than the previous version:

    * Choice of HH:MM:SS, MM:SS or SS display formats
    * Show or hide leading zero and separator characters
    * Count up/down to/from custom time
    * Show subseconds as frames/tenths/hundredths of a second
    * Ability to change the speed of the counter
    * Adjustable text tracking
    * Monospaced or proportional text spacing
    * Shadow and Outline styles with adjustable color, opacity, offset, softness and width
    * Box background with adjustable color, opacity and position
    * Static display mode for creating start or end holds

    Digital Heaven's range of freeware products has now grown with the addition of two more Final Cut plug-ins. The first is DH_Fade - the easy way to create consistent fade in/outs on clips with different durations, and the second is DH_FieldTrans - a must for those needing to apply effects to pre-edited footage containing cuts on field 2.

    System Requirements:
    * Final Cut Express (v2 and later) or Final Cut Pro (v4 and later)

    Pricing and availability:
    DH_Counter 2.0 is available for immediate purchase from the Digital Heaven online store for $29.00 (USD). A watermarked trial version can be downloaded from the Digital Heaven website. Customers who purchased DH_Counter on or after 1st October 2010 are eligible for a free upgrade. Digital Heaven freeware can also be downloaded from the Digital Heaven website.

    Digital Heaven
    DH_Counter 2.0
    Download DH_Counter

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