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Macway Introduces a new version of AluSlim

Macway today introduced new versions of AluSlim, its line of 2"5 hard disks. The new drives feature USB 2.0, Firewire 400 and Firewire 800 ports.

The disks features are the following :

  • aluminium case
  • mini USB 2.0, firewire 400 and firewire 800 ports
  • Oxford 934 chipset
  • SATA 2"5 drive
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Sold with a firewire 400 cable, a firewire 800 cable, a USB cable and a case.
Prices :
  • aluminum case  (without hard disk): 59
  • AluSlim 160 Go FW400, FW800 et USB 2.0: 89 €
  • AluSlim 250 Go FW400, FW800 et USB 2.0: 109 €
  • AluSlim 320 Go FW400, FW800 et USB 2.0 : 119 €
  • AluSlim 500 Go FW400, FW800 et USB 2.0 : 149 €

Vaja Introduces 3 new MacBook cases

    Vaja just announced the release of three new cases for Apple MacBook 13" .

    ivolution Leather Suit (MSRP $ 280)
    ivolution Snap Shell (MSRP $ 340)
    ivolution Snap Shell with Leather Handles (MSRP $ 400)

    ivolution snap shell small.jpg

    For more information, check


    nova media unveils new 3G USB Modem iCON 225

      Nova media today unveiled iCON 225, a sleek and afforable 3G USB modem for Macintosh computers. The iCON 225 supports fast HSDPA connections with up to 7.2 Mbit/s download speeds as well as quad-band EDGE and GPRS.

      The iCON 225 includes the internet connect wizard launch2net for Mac OS X. This software offers a one-click connection to the Internet without the need to enter cryptic configuration details. launch2net already includes connection settings for most mobile network providers worldwide and offers a comprehensive connection statistic.

      Pricing and Availability:
      The iCON 225 is available today from nova media for Euro 117,- (plus sales tax if applicable) and requires Mac OS X 10.4.11, 10.5.2 or higher. A lanyard and an USB extension cord comes with the modem.

      nova media
      iCON 225


      Altomac introduces Speedy Mac 2008 Release 3

      Altomac today announced the release of Speedy Mac 2008 Release 3, their popular file, folder and website launching utility for Mac OS X. With a focus on ease-of-use, Speedy Mac offers a totally new approach for organizing frequently-used documents. It allows users to quickly access documents, folders, sites, applications and tasks by organizing them into a handy menu. Favorites and recently used documents are automatically classified into groups according to the application that was used to open them, and web pages are conveniently grouped by site. 

      Among one of Speedy Mac's most prolific features is its editable Task Menu. Create just about anything imaginable. Easily hide or quit all running applications at once, create a new folder establishing name and location, eject all removable and external disks, and more. And users can automate the most repetitive tasks by using AppleScript files and Automator workflows too. Easily create new tasks in minutes just by using Automator or Script Editor. Users no longer have to look for the scripts and actions they need. Just add them to Speedy Mac's task list and run them at any time.

      Altomac offers many unique and useful tasks on their website to experiment with. Some additional tasks created by Speedy Mac users are already available for download. For example: Optimize Mail Database, Take a Screen Shot choosing the format and Make File Names Web-Friendly.

      Another innovative feature is the Current Item Menu. It lists where the document is located on the hard drive so that it may open the folder that contains it. Quickly finding the location of a document is just a matter of opening a menu item.

      Version 3 now sports multiple text Clipboard capability. Just choose the needed text item from the Recent Clipboard menu and it is ready to use from the System Clipboard, ready to paste. For frequently needed text phrases, simply add them to Favorites, and use the handy Favorites Clipboard Menu to quickly copy them into the Clipboard, ready paste anywhere. Perfect for using multiple text phrases over and over.

      Speedy Mac is fully customizable, allowing users to easily modify its appearance and lists content and a great way to optimize anyone's workflow.

      New Features at a Glance:
      * New Clipboard Recents and Favorites Menu
      * Choose the number of Recents to list in Menus
      * Fixes for all know bugs
      * Memory usage optimization
      * Various code optimization

      Speedy Mac is available for $24.99 (USD) from the Altomac web site. A free, fully functional, 30 day trial is also available.


      Psystar selling new mac clones…with BlueRay

      It seems that Psystar does not want to stop selling Mac Clones...They're even adding BlueRay (even though Steve says he does not like i yet....).