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app4mac releases Sequence 2.5 for Mac OS X

    app4mac today released Sequence 2.5, an update to their utility to capture screenshots and screencasts on Mac OS X. Sequence 2.5 add many new options. It is a free upgrade for all current users of previous versions.

    The new features are the following :
    * Now working as a background process
    * Now accessible via a menubar icon
    * Improved audio management
    * New video formats (quicktime, flash, mpeg, etc)
    * Support of USB microphones
    * Improved performance
    * Updated user interface
    * New option to hide/display the main palette
    Sequence is a simple way to capture and save an image or a movie of your screen to your computer's clipboard, or a file (in an image format of your choice). A video or screenshot can be emailed, uploaded on the web, or passed around however you want. Using multithreaded code and a 64-bit enabled compression system, Sequence can capture the content of a DVD (with audio) or of any other application. Sequence is powerful enough to simultaneously record from your webcam and your screen. With the voice recording function, you can easily describe what you are doing on your screen. Simply use your Mac's built-in microphone.

    System Requirements:
    Sequence 2.5 requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Some new features are only available to Macs with Intel processors.

    Pricing and Availability:
    Sequence 2.5 is available at a special introductory price : 29 Euros only until end of April 2010 (around $39 USD). It's a free upgrade for all current users of previous versions.

    Sequence 2.5
    Download Sequence


    Share Screenshots on the Mac with Upshot 1.0

      Howling Moon Software today released Upshot 1.0, a Mac utility that makes sharing screenshots with friends, coworkers, and clients a one click operation. Upshot features integration with popular image hosting sites ImageShack, Imgur, and TwitPic. Registered users can upload their images via FTP to their own web server, or run any custom script on the image (several examples are included).

      Upshot also has Growl notification support and it tracks your recently uploaded screenshots, so you can quickly look up an old screenshot by browsing thumbnails.

      Upshot 1.0
      Purchase Upshot
      Download Upshot


      Boinx Software releases PhotoPresenter 4

        Boinx Software today released PhotoPresenter 4, a major update to its quick presentation tool for digital photographers. PhotoPresenter 4 is a theme-based photo viewer for creating animated slideshows with photos, movies and music in just a few seconds. The new version has been rewritten from scratch and is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

        PhotoPresenter 4 sports a revamped user interface.. The preview pane for example shows an animated preview of the current selected theme. With the Quick Look HUDs the information you need is just a simple click of your mouse away. PhotoPresenter 4 is built around 37 high-quality themes. Every theme offers a variety of settings to configure it to your needs. PhotoPresenter 4 remembers the theme you selected for each album, so that it is easy to keep various different presentations on hand.

        PhotoPresenter 4 integrates with all of the iApps on the Mac as iTunes, iDVD, iWeb or iPhoto but also with Photo Booth and Aperture - including the new Aperture 3. Flickr Users now can access their photos from their photo stream as well as the images of their friends.

        PhotoPresenter 4 can be extended easily with Automator Actions and AppleScript scripts to optimize your existing workflow. It also recognizes changes in Flickr Groups and Sets as well as in Smart Albums of iPhoto or Aperture - enabling you to automatically create a presentation of the most recent best rated images in your collection without having to manually add new photos - just rate them in your collection and they will show up in the presentation.

        PhotoPresenter 4 is available immediately for download for $29 (US) in the Boinx Software Kagi Store. A family license (for up to five computers in a household) for PhotoPresenter is available for $49 (US). PhotoPresenter 4 is also included in FotoMagico 3 Pro that is available for $149 (US). All prices quoted exclude sales tax or VAT where applicable. Check the Kagi Store for quotes in local currencies. Multi-user license discounts are available upon request.

        Download PhotoPresenter


        Apple Issues New 27-Inch iMac Firmware

          Apple has issued a new firmware update today to address issues that may cause intermittent display flickering. According to Apple web site, the new firmware "updates the display firmware on 27-inch iMac systems to address issues that may cause intermittent display flickering.The 27-inch iMac Display Update will update the display firmware on your iMac. Do not disturb or shut off the power on your iMac during this update." The 27-inch iMac Display Update Firmware is 294KB in size and can be downloaded from Apple's site.


          QuickerTeck announces QuickyJunior II

            QuickerTek, the leader of power and wireless Apple products, today announces the Quicky Junior II which simply plugs into the USB port of any Mac computer running at least 10.4. x Tiger and newer. The single driver makes it all work, there are no extra steps to immediate wireless satisfaction. Whether using a coffee shop network or tapping into the network in the office, Quicky Jr. II provides increased range while maintaining speed.

            Not only is the Quicky Jr. II easy to use, it also weighs a mere half ounce, so it's perfect for the Mac user on the go. It fits in your shirt pocket and no external power is needed, so there's no power brick to lug around. It does come with a cradle for those times when you need to move the device around to get the best possible signal available. And like all good Mac products, it's styled to look right with any Apple laptop such as PowerBooks, MacBooks, MacBook Pros or iBooks.

            Quicky Jr, II is fully compatible with all devices rated for 802.11b/g/n networking in addition to the Apple AirPort Base Stations. That means users can get up to 15 megabit per second transfer rates at the office, school, airport or any available wireless network. Quicky Jr. II also keeps your internet and network transfers safe with 64/128 bit WEP/WPA encryption.

            The Quicky Jr. II is priced at $89.95 (USD) from QuickerTek and their resellers.

            Quicky Junior II