July 14, 2024


G4 Cube Forever


1 min read
QuickerTek today announced Quicky Junior II, a new wireless internet and networking USB device that triples the wireless range. This new Quicky Junior II is compatible with the Apple Extreme Base Station as well as almost every other 2.4GHz wireless equipment users are likely to run into while traveling. Whether using a coffee shop network or tapping into the network in the office, Quicky Jr. II provides increased range while maintaining speed.
2 min read
QuickerTek today announces an exclusive extended life battery for all models of the Apple MacBook Air. Users gain six to ten hours of additional battery power, well beyond the power of the built-in battery. This is the only product that charges the internal battery of the MacBook Air while in use. For those Air users who are looking for a way to get around the MacBook Air's non-removable battery, this new external battery adds the mobile power most often requested.
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