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April 2, 2009

Panda Mittens releases Gravity Shmavity 1.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch

    Panda Mittens Software LLC today released "Gravity Shmavity", an accelerometer/touch-screen game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The game offers 30 challenge levels, an endless mode, and quirky gameplay featuring the image of baroque scientist Isaac Newton.

    Gameplay primarily consists of rotating the iPhone/iPod Touch screen, altering the direction of gravity. Falling apples and other items can then be directed to hit the open, exposed brain of Isaac Newton. Gameplay is further varied by hazards and optional actions by the player, including touching the various power-ups, and shaking the device to cause items to drop faster.

    The game also features an up-beat remix of a classic, public-domain recording of a Mozart piano concerto, and combines bright, colorful graphics with a similarly tweaked portrait of Isaac Newton.

    Developed with cross-platform development strategies, direct video captures of "Gravity Shmavity" actually show the current tilt of the screen, and further illustrate the gameplay style. Additional information can by found on the "Gravity Shmavity" product page, or by contacting Panda Mittens Software.

    Pricing and Availability:
    Offered at a low price-point ($1.99), and available exclusively through Apple's App Store. "Gravity Shmavity" is the first title Panda Mittens Software has released, and is the first title to attempt their strategy of small, inexpensive, fun games with above average production values.

    Panda Mittens Software
    Gravity Shamvity 1.0
    Download and Purchase

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