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Steven Riggs releases TimeTable 1.7 – Export iCal Calendar Data

    Steven Riggs just announced TimeTable 1.7. TimeTable allows you to easily export iCal calendar data and analyze and total the number of hours recorded on your calendar.

    Why not use iCal for more than just scheduling? TimeTable reads and filters iCal calendar data and calculates the hours spent in the events. Find trends by searching the details of events and viewing the average, maximum and minimum times spent on projects. This makes it perfect for tracking and billing without keeping a second record outside of iCal.

    This release adds a more flexible CSV export. This new feature allows some ingenious people to leave off the quotes in certain fields of the CSV export. As an example, one could title an event "Meeting with Joe, 23" and then in the export, use the column with the 23 in it to add up mileage. Also, there were minor text corrections in the German translation.

    Minimum Requirements:
    * Mac OS X Version 10.5 Leopard or later
    * Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
    * 2 MB Hard Drive space

    Pricing and Availability:
    TimeTable 1.7 is $15.00 (USD) for single license. $50.00 (USD) for 5 licenses. Test drive TimeTable today for a full featured 14 day trial.

    TimeTable 1.7
    Download TimeTable
    Purchase TimeTable
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    Macvide releases 3gp Converter 2.4 – Cellular Phone Video Converter

      MacVide today announced MacVide 3gp Converter 2.4, their mobile video conversion utility for Mac OS X. With a focus on ease-of-use, MacVide 3gp Converter allows conversion of the most popular video files to 3gp mobile video. It fully integrates the process into the Mac experience by allowing human interaction on the content during conversion.

      All of the most popular formats are supported, including MOV, 3GP, MPEG, AVI and helps bridge the gap between many video standards. MacVide 3gp Converter is a great tool for using with cellulars and phones.

      MacVide 3gp Converter provides powerful functions to set different settings for your video files. It allows you to select crop video area, the bit rate, frame rate, video resolution. Video preview with "rangebar" allows you to choose the exact video footage you want, anywhere between the first and last frames. With MacVide 3gp Converter you will able to convert your entire movie to .3gp or .3g2 and watch it anywhere and anytime. It's very easy to use and it supports most mobile and cellular devices.

      New in version 2.4:
      * New style rangebar
      * Visible seected range time

      Feature highlights include:
      * Convert MOV, AVI, WMV, MPEG video to 3gp
      * Time line with ZOOM feature
      * Crop video area to remove the black video sides
      * Easy to use interface

      Minimum Requirements:
      * Mac OS X Version 10.4 Tiger or 10.5 Leopard
      * Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
      * 11.4 MB Hard Drive space

      Pricing and Availability:
      MacVide 3gp Converter is available for only $29.95 (USD) for a Single License, and may be downloaded directly from the Macvide website.

      MacVide 3gp Converter 2.4
      Download Macvide 3gp Converter
      Purchase Macvide 3gp Converter


      MonsterQuest Game Released For Mac

        Hutto, TX - today announced the availability of MonsterQuest for the Mac through its web site and digital download service, Mac Games Arcade. The game was developed by Canopy Productions and digitalBrandplay. Now, fans of the smash hit series on HISTORY will have the chance to become a MonsterQuest investigator - in a compelling and mysterious adventure in search of amazing and elusive creatures.

        In the spirit of CSI and X-Files, the MonsterQuest team uses modern investigative techniques to pull back the shroud of myth, rumor, hearsay, and superstition to reveal the facts and truth concealed within. The MonsterQuest game will place the player in the heart of these probing investigations.

        Using logic, science, and a sharp eye, the player will endeavor to determine of the monsters are real, fantasy, or a hoax. This is a real MonsterQuest, in search of one thing . . . the truth.

        Feature Highlights:
        Investigate Eyewitness Reports and Legends Live the Adventure and Crack Five Renowned Monster Cases
        Examine Hundreds of Mysterious Clues in Photo Realistic Environments
        Go into The Field in Search of Evidence
        Uncover the Truth in challenging Lab Tests
        Solve Puzzles, Quests, and Mysteries

        Pricing and Availability:
        MonsterQuest requires a Mac with Mac OS X 10.4 or later. A free 60 minute trial version is available for download from either or the digital download application, Mac Games Arcade. The game download weighs in at 139 MB. The full version costs $19.95 (USD) to register.

        Mac Games Arcade
        Download MonsterQuest

        Launched in 2005,, is the most popular Mac gaming store on the Internet with over 600 Mac games available for purchase. is also the leader in digital download games and the number one web site for casual Macintosh games. Copyright 2005-2009 All Rights Reserved.


        Altomac introduces Speedy Mac 2008 Release 3

        Altomac today announced the release of Speedy Mac 2008 Release 3, their popular file, folder and website launching utility for Mac OS X. With a focus on ease-of-use, Speedy Mac offers a totally new approach for organizing frequently-used documents. It allows users to quickly access documents, folders, sites, applications and tasks by organizing them into a handy menu. Favorites and recently used documents are automatically classified into groups according to the application that was used to open them, and web pages are conveniently grouped by site. 

        Among one of Speedy Mac's most prolific features is its editable Task Menu. Create just about anything imaginable. Easily hide or quit all running applications at once, create a new folder establishing name and location, eject all removable and external disks, and more. And users can automate the most repetitive tasks by using AppleScript files and Automator workflows too. Easily create new tasks in minutes just by using Automator or Script Editor. Users no longer have to look for the scripts and actions they need. Just add them to Speedy Mac's task list and run them at any time.

        Altomac offers many unique and useful tasks on their website to experiment with. Some additional tasks created by Speedy Mac users are already available for download. For example: Optimize Mail Database, Take a Screen Shot choosing the format and Make File Names Web-Friendly.

        Another innovative feature is the Current Item Menu. It lists where the document is located on the hard drive so that it may open the folder that contains it. Quickly finding the location of a document is just a matter of opening a menu item.

        Version 3 now sports multiple text Clipboard capability. Just choose the needed text item from the Recent Clipboard menu and it is ready to use from the System Clipboard, ready to paste. For frequently needed text phrases, simply add them to Favorites, and use the handy Favorites Clipboard Menu to quickly copy them into the Clipboard, ready paste anywhere. Perfect for using multiple text phrases over and over.

        Speedy Mac is fully customizable, allowing users to easily modify its appearance and lists content and a great way to optimize anyone's workflow.

        New Features at a Glance:
        * New Clipboard Recents and Favorites Menu
        * Choose the number of Recents to list in Menus
        * Fixes for all know bugs
        * Memory usage optimization
        * Various code optimization

        Speedy Mac is available for $24.99 (USD) from the Altomac web site. A free, fully functional, 30 day trial is also available.


        PocketMac introduces iCalScreenSaver

        PocketMac just released PocketMac iCalScreenSaver. The software is the first screensaver for Mac OS X to showcase users' iCal appointments. This way, users can guarantee they'll never miss another appointment. They just need to install this new screensaver and it will come on every time a user's Mac is inactive.

        PocketMac iCalScreenSaver is available for $9.95. For more information, check PocketMac web site.