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  • Apple Introduces New Mac Mini Models
  • Apple Introduces New MacBook Air Models
  • Apple Releases iTunes 10.4 (64 bits, full screen, designed for Lion)

Aquafadas introduces VideoPier 1.0 and VideoPierHD

    Aquafadas just introduced VideoPier and VideoPier HD v1.0. The VideoPier family of products is aimed at videographers who own MPEG-2 or AVCHD camcorders and who struggle with these video formats on their Mac.

    VideoPier and VideoPier HD make it very easy to transfer clips from these camcorders to a central location on their Mac, without requiring any conversion, without any loss in quality. The clips appear grouped by Events in the VideoPier elegant user interface, ready to be viewed, organized and converted to any format.
    VideoPier handles equally well data that has already been copied to disk and will let you access all your clips easily. In addition, VideoPier HD lets you capture HDV material directly from tape based HDV camcorders.

    VideoPier and VideoPier HD v1.0 integrates seamlessly with your other video applications and let you use workflows that are not supported by default on the Mac. VideoPier comes with an extensive set of export functionality, to iMovie 06/08, iPhone, Quicktime and Final Cut (VideoPier HD only).

    For more information, check


    New poll : what feature would you like in the new MacBooks?

    In our last poll we were asking you if you were disappointed by the last keynote. 53% said they would have liked to see new MacBooks. In our new poll, we'd like to know what features you would like in the new MacBooks.


    App Store reviews…only for buyers.

    If you were wondering who could write a review of an application sold on the App Store, the answer was, till recently, anybody. People were leaving reviews for applications without purchasing them. We're still wondering what the point of leaving a review of a product you did not event try is... Apple probably does too. They just put a requirement that users wanting to write a review about an application must purchase it first.


    Apple Expo 2008 : Is it the end?

    After spending a few hours at Paris Apple Expo 2008, we had a sad feeling. We've been to a lot of Apple Expo and Mac World Expo, and this year Paris Expo (without Apple), did not seem very busy. The floor is smaller than last year. Does that mean it is the last year for the Apple Expo? We unfortunately believe so.

    You can see a few pictures of the Expo in our gallery. We'll post more during the week.



    Steve Jobs’ health

    A lot of people/investors were wondering if Steve Jobs' health problems were over.  He still looks thin.... However, yesterday, he started his keynote with a quote from Mark Twain: "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." Later in the day, he told CNBC during an interview that he's healthy, but would be happy to gain 10-15lbs. "I'm doing just fine," he said. "I'm healthy."