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Posts from the ‘Mac’ Category

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  • Mac OS X Lion Available Today From the Mac App Store
  • Apple Introduces New Mac Mini Models
  • Apple Introduces New MacBook Air Models
  • Apple Releases iTunes 10.4 (64 bits, full screen, designed for Lion)

PocketMac introduces iCalScreenSaver

PocketMac just released PocketMac iCalScreenSaver. The software is the first screensaver for Mac OS X to showcase users' iCal appointments. This way, users can guarantee they'll never miss another appointment. They just need to install this new screensaver and it will come on every time a user's Mac is inactive.

PocketMac iCalScreenSaver is available for $9.95. For more information, check PocketMac web site.


Fission 1.6 Brings iPhone Ringtones

Fission is a Mac OS X editor that offers lossless editing of MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, and AIFF audio files. Fission 1.6 retains the fast and easy editing while adding more power and functionality. Fission now has the ability to save iPhone ringtones, using almost any audio file in any audio format supported by QuickTime. From MP3 to MIDI and everywhere in-between, Fission lets users turn any audio into a ringtone. Users simply open their file in Fission, crop it down to the desired portion of audio (40 seconds or fewer in length), then choose Save as iPhone Ringtone. Fission passes the file off to iTunes with the needed parameters to make the file a ringtone. Once iTunes has the file, it's ready for syncing with an iPhone!

Fission 1.6 also adds the ability to insert periods of silence into files, useful for many different types of editing, as well a command to specify the exact location of the playhead for audio playback and adjustments. 

Fission costs just $32. Fission 1.6 is a free update for all owners of a Fission license key. Fission is immediately available as a free trial for Mac OS X 10.4 and up and can be downloaded from Fission is fully functional, but will degrade the quality of audio saved while in trial mode.


70 free dictionaries for TranslateIt available for download.

The editor of TranslateIt just opened a website with free additional dictionaries for its program. The dictionaries are available on The site contains of about 70 dictionaries with almost 5 million entries. Users can download from the site English, German, Russian, Spain, French, Italian and Czech dictionaries.

TranslateIt! for Mac ( is a multilingual dictionary that allows you to look up words on the fly on your Mac.


MacBooks are…totally dumb

A funny page was posted on the french version of Apple web site to promote the new MacBooks. We know somebody who is going to get fired. The new MacBooks are described as "parfaitement con" (totally dumb)... ;-)





New Cinema Display 24″

Apple introduced a new 24" Cinema Display. The new monitor has the following features : 

  • LED Screen
  • iSight
  • mic and speakers
  • 1920x1200 resolution
  • Mini DisplayPort
  • MagSafe connector to power a MacBook.
  • Three USB ports

The new screen is priced at $899 and will be available in November.