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Review of the iPhone 3G mobile phone telescope

The Good

Allows to take pictures from a distance

The Bad

External solution (Apple should at least add a software zoom to the next iPhone)

Non professional quality pictures

Full Review

    Many iPhone 3G owners are complaining about its camera. They complain that it doesn't have a zoom, and that it doesn't allow them to record video. We tested the Brando “telescope” for iPhone 3G that aims to solvthe first problem.

    The telescope is composed of a plastic case for the iPhone 3G and a lens that acts as a zoom. The lens is attached to the case (it is removable) and allows you to zoom.

    btele3.jpg btele5.jpgbtele6.jpg

    As you can see in the pictures below, it seems to work pretty well. However, don’t expect to take professional pictures with this zoom. It is more of a gadget than anything else. You might notice that the picture appears to be a bit conveif the lens is not screwed into the case properly.


    Bottom line :  Any geek looking for a gadget that will allow him or her to have a zoom on the iPhone 3G will probably be happy with the Brando telescope. However, do not expect professional-quality photographs from either the iPhone 3G camera or the $19 telescopic lens. For more information, check Brando's web site.


    Rating (out of 10)

    Ease of Use

    Easy to use : put you iPhone in the plastic case and attach the lens.


    quality of image

    Not so professional (it's also the iPhone's fault...)



    Review of Brando iPhone external battery

    The Good

    Charges in 2 hours.

    Gives an extra charge to your iPhone without the need of a power plug.

    The Bad

    Still looking

    Full Review

    If you own an iPhone 3G, you might be looking for an external battery. After all, you can never have too much battery (or too much RAM, but that’s another story…). We recently tested the Brando external battery for iPhone. The external battery is charged through the iPhone power plug. The external battery connects to the iPhone 3G through the iPhone bottom connector. It takes two hours to charge completely, and a blue light indicates whether or not the battery is fully charged.


    The battery charges the iPhone in just under 2 hours. You will still have some juice left in the external battery after one charge (but not enough for another full one).

    The battery is available in two colors (black or white) in order to match your iPhone 3G, of courseWe think it is a must have, and the price is very reasonable.


    The only drawback we found is that the connector where you plug the charger cable in is upside down comparewith that of the iPhone. This is not a huge problem, and you will only get it wrong the first time if youaren't paying attention.

    Bottom line : At $25, the Brando external battery is a must-have accessory for your iPhone 3G if you use it a lot. The investment is worth it, and you won’t run out of battery while you're on the move. For more information, check Brando's web site.

    Rating (out of 10)

    Ease of Use

    Just plug it and charge it. Can't be easier



    Matching the color of your iPhone 3G.



    Vaja Cases introduces two new iPhone 3G cases.

    Vaja announced today two new cases for iPhone 3G: the ivolution Silver and the ivolution dockable.



    silver small.jpg

    ivo dockable small.jpg

    For more information, check Vaja Cases web site


    Fission 1.6 Brings iPhone Ringtones

    Fission is a Mac OS X editor that offers lossless editing of MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, and AIFF audio files. Fission 1.6 retains the fast and easy editing while adding more power and functionality. Fission now has the ability to save iPhone ringtones, using almost any audio file in any audio format supported by QuickTime. From MP3 to MIDI and everywhere in-between, Fission lets users turn any audio into a ringtone. Users simply open their file in Fission, crop it down to the desired portion of audio (40 seconds or fewer in length), then choose Save as iPhone Ringtone. Fission passes the file off to iTunes with the needed parameters to make the file a ringtone. Once iTunes has the file, it's ready for syncing with an iPhone!

    Fission 1.6 also adds the ability to insert periods of silence into files, useful for many different types of editing, as well a command to specify the exact location of the playhead for audio playback and adjustments. 

    Fission costs just $32. Fission 1.6 is a free update for all owners of a Fission license key. Fission is immediately available as a free trial for Mac OS X 10.4 and up and can be downloaded from Fission is fully functional, but will degrade the quality of audio saved while in trial mode.


    Review of Stone of Destiny

    The Good

    Stone of Destiny has gorgeous graphics

    SoD is totally addictive

    The Bad

    SoD is sometimes a bit too easy (but is that a bad point?)

    Full Review

    The Stone of Destiny (SoD) is a "hidden objects" style game for iPhone. After playing the game for a few hours, we have to say that we just love it! Hidden objects games are not usually our favorite games. However, we became addicted to SoD. The gorgeous graphics will not deceive you. 

    A series of cartoon frames help you understand the story of Stone of Destiny.



    The SoD story centers around a missing uncle and a precious stone. The story itself is not particularly important and it is there only to bring you to several places on the map (linking to hidden object screens) where you try to find all of the objects listed.


    The main screens are basically a picture with all kind of objects (if you look carefully, there are quite a lot of them). At the bottom of the screen, you have a list of objects (ladder, old map, etc.) or a list of shapes that you need to find. When you see the objects, you tap the screen and they disappear from the list. Your goal is to find all of the objects listed. Once it is done, you will move to the next screen.


    Secondary puzzles are also included in order to give you more entertainment. Some of them make you use your finger to draw on the iPhone screen. 


    Bottom line 

    SoD is an addictive and entertaining "hidden objects" type game. We highly recommend it if you like these kinds of games. You won't be disappointed. Stone of Destiny is available on the AppStore on iTunes.

    Rating (out of 10)

    Ease of Use

    SoD is pretty easy to use. Clues are available if you don't know how to finish a level.


    We loved the SoD graphics. The pictures are quite detailed and make the game even more interesting.