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WebIS updates Pocket Informant for iPhone and iPod Touch

    WebIS Inc. today announced its popular PIM, Pocket Informant, for the iPhone and iPod Touch has been updated to version 1.01. Pocket Informant offers Calendaring and To do management in one easy to use application and is the premiere Personal Information Manager for Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices.

    Version 1.0 offered Agenda, Week, Month, and Day views for the calendar, a Today view, a Tasks view with full GTD capability, Context, Projects, Next Action, Inbox, Search, as well as syncing with Google Calendar and ToodleDo. Version 1.01 adds several customer requested features such as shared calendar synching, customizable First Day of Week, ISO week number displays and greatly improves performance and reliability.

    Features Include:
    * A calendar built the way an iPhone Calendar should be
    * Today, Month, Day, Week, Agenda, Todo, and Search views
    * Swipe between Months, Days, and Weeks
    * Easily jump to any date in Day and Month views
    * Timebars to show your free/busy time at a glance
    * Expanded detail view to see events and todos on any day
    * Todos integrated in the Calendar Views
    * Full Search of Contacts, Todos, and Calendar items
    * Send Appointment Meeting Requests
    * Getting-Things-Done (GTD) management of Todos
    * Franklin Covey ABC/1-99 Prioritization of Todos
    * Filters to quickly find active, due, overdue, and completed Todos
    * Today View to show your current appointments, Todos and meeting attendees
    * Over-the-air syncing with Google Calendar and Toodledo (read the Quickstart at our site to learn how to sync with Outlook and iCal)
    * Starring/Flagging Todos
    * Settings such as ISO Week Numbers, First Day of Week, and more

    System Requirements:
    * iPhone or iPod Touch 2.2 or later

    Pricing and Availability:
    Pocket Informant 1.01 for iPhone is available exclusively through Apple's App Store at a introductory price of $12.95 (USD).

    Download and Purchase
    Pocket Informant 1.01
    Screenshot 1 - GTD Tasks
    Screenshot 2 - Week View
    Screenshot 3 - Month


    Mobile App Studio releases iShoes 1.0 for the iPhone and iPod Touch

      Released this holiday weekend, iShoes is powered by the search engine, giving access to thousands of shoes from over a hundred retailers.

      iShoes has the unique feature of both online and offline modes. While online, the application is constantly loading the latest shoes from the ShopStyle engine. Prior to going offline users can request a set of shoes for offline browsing. For example, a user can grab a thousand shoes before boarding a plane. On the flight the user can enjoy casually browsing thousands of shoes. Once back on the ground they can purchase shoes inside the application or email the favorites to themselves or a friend.

      Key Features
      * 50,000 constantly updated shoes that keep up with latest seasonal styles
      * High quality shoe images
      * Search by type or brand
      * Visit the retailer website inside the iShoes application
      * Add shoes as favorites
      * Email a list of favorite shoes
      * Offline and online modes

      Comments from Users:
      "The style selection is awesome... I was browsing for hours :0) Great app for all the shoe divas!"

      "I have gotten dizzy just scrolling & scrolling though the incredible amount of shoes available for browsing. I also could not believe the app was free."

      System Requirements:
      * Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch
      * Requires iPhone 2.1 Software Update

      Pricing and Availability:
      iShoes 1.0 for iPhone is available free of charge through Apple's App Store. It is listed in the Lifestyle section.

      Mobile App Studio
      Download iShoes
      iShoes 1.0


      Panda Mittens releases Gravity Shmavity 1.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch

        Panda Mittens Software LLC today released "Gravity Shmavity", an accelerometer/touch-screen game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The game offers 30 challenge levels, an endless mode, and quirky gameplay featuring the image of baroque scientist Isaac Newton.

        Gameplay primarily consists of rotating the iPhone/iPod Touch screen, altering the direction of gravity. Falling apples and other items can then be directed to hit the open, exposed brain of Isaac Newton. Gameplay is further varied by hazards and optional actions by the player, including touching the various power-ups, and shaking the device to cause items to drop faster.

        The game also features an up-beat remix of a classic, public-domain recording of a Mozart piano concerto, and combines bright, colorful graphics with a similarly tweaked portrait of Isaac Newton.

        Developed with cross-platform development strategies, direct video captures of "Gravity Shmavity" actually show the current tilt of the screen, and further illustrate the gameplay style. Additional information can by found on the "Gravity Shmavity" product page, or by contacting Panda Mittens Software.

        Pricing and Availability:
        Offered at a low price-point ($1.99), and available exclusively through Apple's App Store. "Gravity Shmavity" is the first title Panda Mittens Software has released, and is the first title to attempt their strategy of small, inexpensive, fun games with above average production values.

        Panda Mittens Software
        Gravity Shamvity 1.0
        Download and Purchase


        New PhotoUpLink 1.2 for iPhoto adds WiFi export to iPhone PhotoUpLink

          Developer Mark Morris today announced PhotoUpLink 1.2 for iPhoto. All users of PhotoUpLink who have upgraded to iLife '09 also should download the new version for continued functionality, and access to new features.

          PhotoUpLink 1.2 for iPhoto now includes the ability to export over WiFi to any iPhone or iPod Touch running PhotoUpLink. Select the photos you want from any album. Click Export -> PhotoUpLink -> iPhone and your device should show up in the list. Click on that, then click Export. PhotoUpLink for iPhone must be running at this time. Exported photos will show up in the Camera Roll album on an iPhone, or in the Saved Photos album on an iPod Touch.

          PhotoUpLink for iPhone and iPod Touch enables free, easy photo sharing directly between devices on the same WiFi network using peer to peer file transfer. The FTP feature lets you send photos to any FTP site and generates an email for you containing links to the image files uploaded.

          PhotoUpLink 1.2 for iPhoto maintains the existing feature set of FTP and secure FTP, database export, and Office integration. Selected photos and Quicktime movies can be sent to any FTP server, MySQL and other ODBC supported databases, or FileMaker 7 database. PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets of photo metadata can be created if Office X is also installed.

          PhotoUpLink 1.2
          PhotoUpLink for iPhone
          Download PhotoUpLink for iPhone
          App Icon


          Readdle releases Basetent 1.0 – Brings Basecamp to iPhone and iPod Touch

            Readdle has just released its brand new Basetent application, that brings Basecamp, the most popular online project management tool, to the iPhone and iPod Touch. The application lets Basecamp users manage thier projects right from the iPhone wherever they are and utilizes Basecamp look and feel just making it suitable for the iPhone screen.

            Basetent supports almost all functions available at the desktop Basecamp service. At the account level Basetent users can overview to-dos and milestones across all projects while at the project level they can add, edit or delete individual messages, milestones, to-do lists and to-do items. Also Basetent lets people add several Basecamp accounts and simply switch between them.

            Extensive filtering capabilities is another advantage that makes Basetent unique. People can easily take a look at the to-dos and milestones that are assigned to them. Moreover using Basetent application, project managers can filter the information by any project participant to view his to-dos and milestones as well as get overview of individual's latest activities across all projects.

            "The best thing about Basetent is that it looks and works pretty like Basecamp on your PC, Mac or Linux computer. The native iPhone interface is good for Mail or iPod applications but effective Basecamp usage requires different approach that we have implemented in the Basetent." explains Alexander Tyagulsky, Readdle CMO.

            Pricing and Availability:
            Basetent 1.0 is available at the App Store at $9.99 (USD) and free lite version as well. More information about Basetent could be found at Readdle's web site.

            Basetent 1.0
            Download and Purchase