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  • 1984 Mac cover for iPad
  • Mac OS X Lion Available Today From the Mac App Store
  • Apple Introduces New Mac Mini Models
  • Apple Introduces New MacBook Air Models
  • Apple Releases iTunes 10.4 (64 bits, full screen, designed for Lion)

Apple introduces the new iPhone 3GS

    Apple today introduced the new iPhone 3G S, featuring improved speed and performance—up to twice as fast as iPhone 3G—longer battery life, a high-quality 3 megapixel autofocus camera, easy to use video recording and hands free voice control. iPhone 3G S includes the new iPhone OS 3.0, with over 100 new features such as Cut, Copy and Paste, MMS, Spotlight Search, landscape keyboard and a new Find My iPhone feature that works together with MobileMe to help you locate a lost iPhone.


    Softalk releases Spreadsheet 2.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch

      Softalk today announced Spreadsheet 2.0, a major update to their spreadsheet creation tool for iPhone and iPod Touch. Spreadsheet offers all the features you need to create a professional looking spreadsheet. It provides a scrollable zoomable view, along with cell formatting features and a host of standard spreadsheet functions. The application features a standard grid, which may be scrolled and zoomed. Text, numeric or date values or formulas may be entered into the selected cell through the formula bar at the top of the screen.

      Version 2.0 now provides support for XLS format and multiple worksheets, making it possible to share files with Excel, Apple Numbers, NeoOffice and other popular desktop spreadsheet applications. Although Spreadsheet version 2.0 now uses XLS as its native format, it is also capable of importing files in XML Spreadsheet format and CSV format, giving its users more compatibility with their existing spreadsheet files.

      The new version also includes improvements such as:
      * Cell Merging
      * Unlimited Rows and Columns
      * Faster transfer of workbooks between the desktop and the device
      * Improved Emailing of Spreadsheets
      * Several additions to the supported functions

      System Requirements:
      iPhone or iPod Touch 2.0 or later

      Pricing and Availability:
      Spreadsheet 2.0 for iPhone is only $7.99 (USD) and available exclusively through Apple's App Store. For more information, visit Spreadsheet's website online.

      Spreadsheet 2.0
      Download and Purchase


      SuperSync 3.1 Music Library Synchronization Software Adds Web Access

         SuperSync is an application for Windows and Mac designed especially for iPod/iTunes users who have multiple computers and iPods. SuperSync will display two music libraries at once, allowing users to visually merge libraries, remove duplicate files, make backup libraries, update meta-data, and synchronize playlists.

        SuperSync 3.1 lets users enable a password-protected web server that allows a user to view his library from anywhere using a web browser.

        Two web interfaces are included, one optimized for Apple's iPhone Safari browser, the other for all other modern Flash-enabled browsers. Both web formats use AJAX for a dynamic single web page showing playlists, artists, albums, and genres. A search function lets users find specific tracks.

        Users can enable the optional web interface in SuperSync 3.1 by enabling a single checkbox and entering a username and password. Support for universal plug-n-play (UPNP) routers help get your home network accessible from the outside world.

        SuperSync 3.1 also adds a new library rescan feature that finds tracks that are missing or newly added to your music library.

        SuperSync 3.1 adds an advanced duplicate finding feature to identify tracks that are in the same library more than once but with modified MP3 or AAC tag meta data. These types of tracks can create unintended duplicates that are hard to track down any other way.

        How SuperSync Works:

        SuperSync starts by reading in your local iTunes library. A second, remote library can then be opened, with tracks color coded by whether they are local (gray), remote (blue), or synchronized (green). A remote library can be a disk or directory of music and videos, an iPod, or another networked SuperSync library on the LAN or WAN.

        Once two libraries are loaded, the user selects tracks they want to copy from one library to another. Tracks are added and saved in the correct location in the user's iTunes library. Once copied to both locations, the tracks turn green marking them as synchronized. Similarly, playlists can be selected and copied from one library to another.

        Tracks that have modified meta data can have their tags updated. Ratings and playcounts can also be updated, so if you mark a track as 5 stars in one library, you can also have it updated in any other library.

        SuperSync makes it easy to create a main library, and have a subset on computers and laptops around the house. Any new content that you've added on one computer can be uploaded to the master library. SuperSync can help reduce the likelihood that two family members will accidentally buy the same music download.

        Pricing and Availability:

        This update is free to all registered users. A limited demo version is available to try most of the features for a limited number of file transfers. The full registered version is available for $29 (USD) for 2-pak, $39 for 5-pak, or a best value $59 10-pak. Licenses can be used for any computer (Mac OS-X or Windows) that music is stored on. 5- and 10-pak licenses can be split among two or more people. SuperSync 3.1 is a significant free upgrade from version 3.0 and is recommended for all users.

        SuperSync 3.1
        Screen Shots
        Download SuperSync (Mac)
        Download SuperSync (Win)


        nFinity Releases QuickVoice Pro Recorder w/Bonus for the iPhone

          nFinity Inc. today has announced the release of its new iPhone QuickVoice PRO Recorder w/Bonus at the introductory price of just 99 cents. QuickVoice PRO features added capabilities over its "Free" version of QuickVoice including the capability to send voicemails up to 20MB! It also comes with a free bonus copy of its award winning QuickVoice pC for Mac and Windows.

          QuickVoice iP is the premier voice recorder for the iPhone and as such has become the #1 voice recorder in more than 38 countries. QuickVoice pC for desktop and laptop computers has also received numerous accolades in its own rite including the prestigious "Macworld Best Software Under $40.' These two companion apps provide tremendous versatility to iPhone and computer users. Features include: 1-touch record and save, voice email, voice reminders, desktop voice stickies, audio editing, and more.

          QuickVoice iP
          Download and Purchase
          QuickVoice PC


          Comeks releases Bikini Babe Yourself 1.0 – A Priceless iPhone App

            Comeks, a Helsinki based mobile software start-up, just launched a new iPhone application product: Bikini Babe Yourself 1.0. The application is used for making funny images by combining bikini girl templates with the user's own photos. The user can either put their own or their friend's face on a bikini girl. The faces are scaled and rotated to the right place with the multi-touch feature of the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. The created images can be shared directly from the application using email, Twitter, Tumblr or Comeks.

            Pricing and Availability:
            Bikini Babe Yourself 1.0 is $0.99 (USD) for a limited period after the launch. It can be purchased from Apple Appstore, and works on all iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

            Bikini Babe Yourself 1.0
            Download and Purchase