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Review of Stone of Destiny

The Good

Stone of Destiny has gorgeous graphics

SoD is totally addictive

The Bad

SoD is sometimes a bit too easy (but is that a bad point?)

Full Review

The Stone of Destiny (SoD) is a "hidden objects" style game for iPhone. After playing the game for a few hours, we have to say that we just love it! Hidden objects games are not usually our favorite games. However, we became addicted to SoD. The gorgeous graphics will not deceive you. 

A series of cartoon frames help you understand the story of Stone of Destiny.



The SoD story centers around a missing uncle and a precious stone. The story itself is not particularly important and it is there only to bring you to several places on the map (linking to hidden object screens) where you try to find all of the objects listed.


The main screens are basically a picture with all kind of objects (if you look carefully, there are quite a lot of them). At the bottom of the screen, you have a list of objects (ladder, old map, etc.) or a list of shapes that you need to find. When you see the objects, you tap the screen and they disappear from the list. Your goal is to find all of the objects listed. Once it is done, you will move to the next screen.


Secondary puzzles are also included in order to give you more entertainment. Some of them make you use your finger to draw on the iPhone screen. 


Bottom line 

SoD is an addictive and entertaining "hidden objects" type game. We highly recommend it if you like these kinds of games. You won't be disappointed. Stone of Destiny is available on the AppStore on iTunes.

Rating (out of 10)

Ease of Use

SoD is pretty easy to use. Clues are available if you don't know how to finish a level.


We loved the SoD graphics. The pictures are quite detailed and make the game even more interesting.



How to have more than 148 apps in your iPhone

As you might know by now, your iPhone cannot handle more than 148 apps. That's too bad. There are so many apps on the AppStore that you would love to use the 16 Gigs of your iPhone to store them all. If your iPhone is jailbroken there is a solution called "categories" (available on Cydia). It allows you to create folders in which you can store your apps. You could basically have 148 folders with as many apps as you want.... It is a brand new iPhone world....


Apple Releases iTunes 8.0.1

Apple has released iTunes 8.0.1. The update is available the Software Update of Mac OSX and provides the following features:

"iTunes 8.0.1 improves stability and performance and provides a number of important bug fixes, including:

• Seamlessly plays the current song when creating a new Genius playlist.
• Improves syncing spoken menus to iPod nano.
• Addresses an issue of deleting HD TV episodes when downloading.
• Improves checking for updates from the App Store
• Improves accessibility with VoiceOver.
• Addresses problems syncing Genius results to iPod."


MobileCast : Download your Podcast over the air

MobileCast is a new podcast application for jailbroken iPhones. The software has just been released on Cydia (the source for software running on jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch). MobileCast allows you to search and download Podcasts over the air via your iPhone or iPod Touch.

For more information, check that web page.


App Store reviews…only for buyers.

If you were wondering who could write a review of an application sold on the App Store, the answer was, till recently, anybody. People were leaving reviews for applications without purchasing them. We're still wondering what the point of leaving a review of a product you did not event try is... Apple probably does too. They just put a requirement that users wanting to write a review about an application must purchase it first.