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  • 1984 Mac cover for iPad
  • Mac OS X Lion Available Today From the Mac App Store
  • Apple Introduces New Mac Mini Models
  • Apple Introduces New MacBook Air Models
  • Apple Releases iTunes 10.4 (64 bits, full screen, designed for Lion)

Mobee Introduces the Magic Bar Inductive Charger for the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

    After creating the Magic Charger for the Magic Mouse, Mobee just introduced the Magic Bar which is an inductive charger for the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

    Composed of a specific cylindrical battery pack, a stylish aluminum-made base station and a micro-USB cable, The Magic Bar will easily be placed in front of your iMac or Apple Led display and will become the blackjack online tournaments place where you leave your Apple input device when you leave your office.
    Pricing & Availability :
    - The Magic Bar will be available for Pre-Order on our website the 15th of May 2011 while first deliveries will occur end of June 2011.
    - RRP US$59.9 (ex VAT) for US Customers
    - RRP 59.9 EUR (incl. VAT) for European Customers

    Nelson Technologies introduces the iPhone 4 Battery Case

      Nelson Technologies, LLC announced the introduction of the Fusion battery case for the iPhone. The Fusion Case is the thinnest, lightest, and longest running iPhone 4 rechargeable battery case of its kind.

      The rechargeable iPhone 4 battery case also protects your iPhone from ordinary wear and tear with a low profile design that allows you to keep the original look and feel of your iPhone 4. According to Nelson Technologies, the battery will give you up to 42 extra hours of audio, 11 extra hours of video play back and over 2 more days of total runtime alteril all natural.

      The Fusion Case adds less than of an inch in total width or depth to your iPhone 4 and weighs less than 2.4 ounces. You can access all your iPhone 4 functions while it is in the battery case. For further ease of use, you can charge Fusion and your iPhone simultaneously through the included micro USB cable. You can also sync your iPhone to iTunes while it is in the case with the included cable. Four LEDs on the back of the case let you know on how much power is left in the battery.


      Apple Launches New MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt

        Apple today updated its MacBook Pro with new processors and graphics, high-speed Thunderbolt I/O technology, and a new FaceTime HD camera. The new Macs feature dual-core and quad-core Intel Core processors. The configurations are the following :
        • 13" 1280x800 Display. 2.3GHz Dual i5. 4GB RAM. 320GB HD. Intel HD Graphics. $1199
        • 13" 1280x800 Display. 2.7GHz Dual i7. 4GB RAM. 500GB HD. Intel HD Graphics. $1499
        • 15" 1440x900 (1680 option) Display. 2.0GHz Quad i7. 4GB RAM. 500GB HD. AMD 6490M 256MB. $1799
        • 15" 1440x900 (1680 option) Display. 2.2GHz Quad i7. 750GB HD. AMD 6750M 1GB. $2199.
        • 17" 1920x1200 Display. 2.2Ghz Quad i7. 4GB RAM. 750GB HD. AMD provacyl ingredients 6750M 1GB. $2499

        The new MacBook Pro have a new port called Thunderbolt. Created by Apple and Intel, the Thunderbolt technology is - according to Apple - more than 12 times faster than FireWire 800 and up to 20 times faster than USB 2.0. The connector is the same as the mini display port.  The Thunderbolt port will give you plug-and-play performance with Thunderbolt peripherals, as well as with the Apple LED Cinema Display and other Mini DisplayPort peripherals. You can daisy-chain as many as six devices, including your display. Current VGA, DVI, and DisplayPort adapters are also supported.

        More information at


        Apple Discontinues Xserve as of January 31, 2011.

          xserve Apple has announced it will be discontinuing the Xserve as of January 31, 2011. The announcement was quiet, since it only appeared on the apple Store and in a note on Apple's site.

          "Apple will not be developing a future version of Xserve. Xserve will be available for order through January 31, 2011. Apple will honor and support all Xserve system warranties and extended support programs. Apple intends to offer the current shipping 160GB, 1TB, and 2TB Apple Drive Modules for Xserve through the end of 2011 or while supplies last. Apple will continue to support Xserve customers with service parts for warranty and out-of-warranty service."

          Customers are left with Mac-Pro and Mac Mini server options.


          QuickerTeck announces QuickyJunior II

            QuickerTek, the leader of power and wireless Apple products, today announces the Quicky Junior II which simply plugs into the USB port of any Mac computer running at least 10.4. x Tiger and newer. The single driver makes it all work, there are no extra steps to immediate wireless satisfaction. Whether using a coffee shop network or tapping into the network in the office, Quicky Jr. II provides increased range while maintaining speed.

            Not only is the Quicky Jr. II easy to use, it also weighs a mere half ounce, so it's perfect for the Mac user on the go. It fits in your shirt pocket and no external power is needed, so there's no power brick to lug around. It does come with a cradle for those times when you need to move the device around to get the best possible signal available. And like all good Mac products, it's styled to look right with any Apple laptop such as PowerBooks, MacBooks, MacBook Pros or iBooks.

            Quicky Jr, II is fully compatible with all devices rated for 802.11b/g/n networking in addition to the Apple AirPort Base Stations. That means users can get up to 15 megabit per second transfer rates at the office, school, airport or any available wireless network. Quicky Jr. II also keeps your internet and network transfers safe with 64/128 bit WEP/WPA encryption.

            The Quicky Jr. II is priced at $89.95 (USD) from QuickerTek and their resellers.

            Quicky Junior II