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Steven Riggs releases TimeTable 1.7 – Export iCal Calendar Data

    Steven Riggs just announced TimeTable 1.7. TimeTable allows you to easily export iCal calendar data and analyze and total the number of hours recorded on your calendar.

    Why not use iCal for more than just scheduling? TimeTable reads and filters iCal calendar data and calculates the hours spent in the events. Find trends by searching the details of events and viewing the average, maximum and minimum times spent on projects. This makes it perfect for tracking and billing without keeping a second record outside of iCal.

    This release adds a more flexible CSV export. This new feature allows some ingenious people to leave off the quotes in certain fields of the CSV export. As an example, one could title an event "Meeting with Joe, 23" and then in the export, use the column with the 23 in it to add up mileage. Also, there were minor text corrections in the German translation.

    Minimum Requirements:
    * Mac OS X Version 10.5 Leopard or later
    * Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
    * 2 MB Hard Drive space

    Pricing and Availability:
    TimeTable 1.7 is $15.00 (USD) for single license. $50.00 (USD) for 5 licenses. Test drive TimeTable today for a full featured 14 day trial.

    TimeTable 1.7
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