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  • 1984 Mac cover for iPad
  • Mac OS X Lion Available Today From the Mac App Store
  • Apple Introduces New Mac Mini Models
  • Apple Introduces New MacBook Air Models
  • Apple Releases iTunes 10.4 (64 bits, full screen, designed for Lion)

Build your own Cube… sort of….

    We have found a nice hack made with a Gossamer motherboard put into a Cube. It is not the Cube you know, but a Cube made of pexiglas. You can check the whole thing here. We have to admit that this hack is great!


    MacMice introduces iCinema

      MacMice today introduced iCinema. iCinema is a Cinema Display stand which lifts your Apple display 4-inches above your desk surface. MacMice discovered that the most common point of dissatisfaction with Apple's LCD displays is with the inability to adjust them to a higher viewing position. While most Cinema Display owners eventually adapt to working while looking down at the display, it is not the most comfortable method. iCinema is built to sturdily lift your Apple display 4-inches above your desk surface, allowing you to work with more erect posture. Wherever your eyes now focus to view the center of your Cinema Display, the iCinema will raise that point by 4-inches.


      We are back !

        Dear readers, we are resuming publication. I apologize for the lack of news.... However, my Godfather died last week, and due to that situation, I did not post any articles, even those that were ready.



        Review of the Postworx Speedball for PowerBook and iBook


          Postworx recently sent us two sets of SpeedBalls for review. The first one is white and matches perfectly the iBook and the second one just has the same color as our TiBook.

          Speedball is a hardware addition primarily targeted at laptop computers. The product consists of two half-spheres with adhesive and removable mounting blocks. By attaching the two spheres to the far bottom corners of a laptop, the Speedball elevates the computer and offers improved cooling.


          According to Postworx, "Speedball is a metallic coated product for use under notebook to increase notebook mobility on desktop. Its high performance coating is non-scratch and slides on any desktop with little or no resistance".

          We found the Speedballs very easy to install and use, and our PowerBook G4 runs cooler than before. Each half ball weights 15 g and two pieces are needed under the back end corners of the notebook. They can either be posted or stuck under the notebook and removed and used again another time. The power slide capability of the Speedballs allows you to move your notebook easily on your desk. Notebook users can truly take the most comfortable sitting position whether leaning back, stretch forward, or just sitting upright. User can also share their screen information easily by twirling the notebook towards another person. The Speedballs also give you an ergonomic keyboard angle. And last but not least (especially if you own a PowerBook G4!), the increase in height at the back of the notebook allows a better air circulation under the notebook and helps lowering the temperature. Postworx claims that its operating temperature can experiences a drop by as much as 15 degree Celsius or 25 degree Fahrenheit.We do believe it is true.

          Bottom line : this little piece of hardware is worth its price. You'll never regret buying it!

          Pros : inexpensive, easy to install, remove and use, matches your PowerBook or iBook color.

          Cons : What does that word mean? :-)


          Powerlogix specials, starting at $245.25.

            Macs4all has very interesting specials (only valid for the week-end.). Here are the specials :

            Shipping starts at $7. These are very limited stock, so first come first served. They have all tested good at the manufacturer, but do not have the benefit of the L3 cache. 30 day warranty.