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Benchmarks of Powerlogix single 800 Mhz, 1 ghz and 1.2 ghz.

    MEMPHIS, who is now our new benchmark specialist :-) ran several tests with X-Bench. Here are the results for the Powerlogix single processors cards :



    WindowShade X: the OS 9 window-collapsing utility for OS X has been updated.

      WindowShade X brings the familiar window-collapsing effect from MacOS 9 into MacOS X. Stacked with 3 different shade styles, it gives you the freedom to manage your workspace environment exactly how you want it. WindowShade X will give you the choice of 3 different window shade styles: WindowShade, Make Transparent Window, and Hide Application. The new version 1.5 has arrived. The improvements are the following:

      • Individual application settings you can now choose different behaviors on per-application basis.
      • New minimization behavior for Cmd-M key combination.
      • New behavior to do nothing (ignore action).
      • Substantial code cleanups and optimizations.
      • New small icon for the Preference Panel.
      • Fixed a bug with incorrect behavior with some Cocoa applications while minimizing
      • Fixed a bug with registration information not being accepted.
      • Cocoa shading uses better algorythm of detecting windows.

      Diagram tool for OS X released : OmniGraffle 1.1.1

        OmniGraffle is an OSX software that helps you draw diagrams, family trees, flow charts, org charts, layouts, and (mathematically speaking) any other directed or non-directed graphs. OmniGraffle features er the following :
        • An easy-to-use interface that takes full advantage of direct manipulation and is completely Aqua compliant.
        • Select between 29 kinds of shapes.
        • Color your shapes and lines with partially transparent ink.
        • Export to PNG, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and GIF format for easy cross-platform and web compatibility.
        • Lines drawn between shapes or other lines "stick" to their origins and destinations, and automatically move when their origin or destination is moved.
        • Up to three text labels can be attached to a line.
        • Two styles of graph layout to automatically make your graphs easier to understand and more appealing.
        • Hierarchical layout is great for org charts and family trees.
        • "Force-directed" layout does a great job on charts that aren't simple trees, and will even animate as it is moving your graphics around. You can rearrange your chart and force-directed layout will start with your new layout, allowing you to tweak positions visually and still beautify everything afterwards.
        • A unique selection panel that allows you to instantly select all objects of a particular type, so you can modify an entire group.
        • Built-in palettes for doing basic graphs, org charts, flow charts, and object-oriented design, plus loadable palettes so third parties can design them for any specific field.
        • Imports OmniOutliner files as hierarchical diagrams.
        • Generates class inheritance diagrams from Project Builder files and from Frameworks.
        • Imports many EOModel, Diagram II and DOT files.
        • Written in native Cocoa.

        Vanity Dockling

          Vanity Dockling is a small dock utility which shows in the dock how much time passed since your last startup. It also records your longest uptime yet. This new version adds some features and bug fixes :

          • Added Internationalization. Now has French, German, and Portuguese
          • Fixed a memory leak
          • Improved the uptime-getting code.